Monday, October 26, 2015

186 days left

Hey guys so this week passed like any other week... we did activitys with the ward! Fun stuff happening here!! This week we have interviews with Pres on thursday so we'll see how that goes...This week should be a Baptism week for us so hopefully that should go through!! We are starting to get our going to start growing our teaching group!! But thats about it this week!! 
Brazil doesnt really celebrate Halloween but i think we might do something with an English school that we are helping with... but we'll see!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

193 days left

Hey guys so this week went by SUPER fast we did lots of cool things we met a couple new peeps to teach we are going to start teaching English here cuz im the only American in the District so that'll be fun!! Its good cuz it helps me with my English to remember how to talk!! But this passed saturday we had an activity with the ward where we went to the fair here in Sumaré and we passed out more then 300 Ensigns 
and it was super cool and we ait lunch at a park with the ward and it was a Churrasco BBQ that was super Delichious!!! Today is trasferes but i stayed here with Elder Vieira and we are going to have a ball this next transfere!! I dont think ill die here but who knows Pres. could do one of his crazys and send me for my last transfere...but well see...Peace out
Love Elder Smith


What holiday was last MOnday?  When is carnival?  Or does it happen several times a year?
Dia das crianças day of the children Carnival is Feb, march
How do you like your new companion so far?  I guess if it's already time for transfers he's not so new...​
Hes cool the only thing that i dont like is that he always has to be right...

Did your president put that rule...if pdays fall on holidays you work? because the people are home and are more available? Or because he doesn't want you partying too?
yup cuz Familys are at home and DRUNK and unaccecable 

How many other missionaries had baptism pictures? 
Like 30 from the zones that were there

 I LOVE the pictures you sent the last one your companion?  Remind how long he has?  I like his first name alot.  YOU look fantastic!  
He will do a year in a month Klaytin Jhones Rodriges Vieira

Tyler and Monica.  They dropped off a camera for Tyler.  This is the couple that visited us here in Provo when they came for conference.  They are fantastic people! 

Monica, Tyler, (wolfy) and Virgilio Moraes

Elder Vieira

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

199 days left

So today is P-day cuz yesterday was a holiday here, and President he put a rule that every Holiday we have to go work even if it is p-day so we had to do p-day today. I dont like it!!!
Hey so this week was a good one. We had Multi-zone with Pres. Canuto we learned lots of cool stuff with him and that little pic of me was a HIT mom, every one loved it!! We are still teaching Jairo and José Lins the Judge hes going along well, Jairo, we are going to mark a date for this saturday if we can get in touch with him... but other then that we have some ppl we are teaching in Vila Soma which is a neighborhood/slum so we have a couple ppl from there that we are trying to start teaching but we'll see if they progress in the gospel...!! Other than that next week is Transferes already so we'll see if Pres. keeps me here or sends me off... idk... But thats about it!!!

Love Elder Smith

Did you get to see them? Monica? Camera?
No not yet but i think i might call him to see if its possible him coming here
Did they show you pictures?
didnt see them yet
How is your're teaching?
Do You have pictures of your companions after...mmm I'll have to look at home. After your first ap comp.

Monday, October 5, 2015

207 days left

Hey so this week was a good one we met a real super cool investigator!! His name is Jose L P. He is the judge of the entier city of sumaré but he only does weddings cuz he is retired and doesnt really do much for the city aside from weddings so hes supper good. We are teaching people from a little invated place that is basically a moving community that is super large!!! So we have a couple people from there that we are teaching that are super good just need to get married thats the only thing that lacks for them to get DUNKED!!! But this week we have lots of things to do!!!