Monday, December 28, 2015

100 days left

Hey ya'll how do you do?? Im missin the cold weather there at home!! (I here its super cold -12 degrees C. which is 11 degrees F.) (not sure about doesn't sound correct)  wow thats cold!! I dont know what to say cuz we just talked on friday... But ill tell you a funny cathlic joke... There was a drunk man that was watcing Mass and when it was over he waited a little bit and then the Father came to him and asked him if he was on foot and he said no i have my bike, so the Father said may Saint Mary and Saint George and Saint Francis of Rome accompany you and your journey home!! So the drunk got on his bike and started to go home and on his way home he fell, and then he said i knew that with so many people on my bike it wouldn't work well!!!! 

AHHHHHHHH that was soo funny when i heard it!!!! I hope you guys laughed!!!! 
But thats about i for this week until next week!!! Peace love and BOM's

Monday, December 21, 2015

107 days left (Updated time left according to transfer dates)

You know what patience is... now i can really say that i do know what and how it is, it is not very easy... Today he left the house with out telling anyone and we got on him for that!!!! We were cleaning and he just left for the pharmacy and came back like it was nothing... He doesnt realize that it effects others!!!!!!! But other than that it was a good week!! Super tyring and long. But im just thinking of the last week in march to go HOME!!! Super close its crazy!!!!
Love you guys!!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

137 days left

Hey so i have my first and prolly only son!!! His name is Elder Gordillo from Campinas he is a special kid for me cuz he isnt all the way there ya know... he has no problem mentally but he is just a little slow with everything... but im doing my best to train him and to help him to have a good mission and to help him to be the missionary that i wish i was to have a good training and a good time with his mission. This week has been a good one we started in a trio and then on Tuesday we got a phone call from Pres. and he told me to get my room ready for two cuz i would be getting a new comp that is fresh from the MTC and so we went home a little early that day to get ready the room. Then we went and picked him up at the office then we went and ait lunch with Pres. at a BBQ place so that was cool. The next part is that i need lots of patients with him cuz he is super slow (like walking and stuff) and i need to learn to walk slower and to help him walk faster but thats it this week!!!! 
Love Elder Smith


How is your teaching coming?  You said you might have a baptism this upcoming week? 19th?
Well now that im not in the trio its not going to be my Baptism anymore cuz we split at the biggining of the week and shes from the other area...
How is your ward?  Are they pretty supportive of the missionaries?
The ward is cool is super small and lots of RCs 
I'm assuming you haven't received my package yet right?
Nopers not yet!!! Super excited!!!!

 Ty and his new companion that he is training with his Mission President.
 Having lunch with his Mission President.

Monday, December 7, 2015

144 days left

Hey guys so I'm back in Piracicaba in the 2nd ward with E' Portilho from Belém do Pará (north) and E' Soria from Uruguay Montevideo and they are ZLs and im senior comp but i dont do anything for the companionship... But its all good!! We have been and will be working SUPER hard this transfer cuz we dont really have a teaching group so we have to build a new one!! But im really seeing the blessings from working so hard. We have a lady that we are strating to teach and she sings the songs for the FSY in Portuguese so we took her to the baptismal font and invited her and she accepted. So we will have a baptism on the 19th of December!!! woohhooo we knocked more then 300 doors in 4 days!!! so thats a lot of work!!! But i think itll be a good one!!! 

 Ty with his trio companionship.
Elder Smith with his buddy Elder  Fonseca (not really his name but nephew of Walstir)

Monday, November 30, 2015

151 days left TRANSFERED!

Hey guys so guess what!?!?!?!?! idk ahhahahahahaha gotcha hahaha well i guess i should tell ya but lets let the suspences arise and wait the wait!!!! This week passed by SUPER fast and super lame. We didnt do much but eat lunch and knock doors this week we did a BUTT LOAD of doors!!! It was fun though cuz we have a new system to do for doors!! I'll send the 4 questions to you at the end!! But now the moment everyones been waiting for....................I WENT TO PIRACICABA 2A!!!!! I'll be in a trio with the Zone leaders!!! I dont know how well i like that but we'll see!!!

The 4 questions
1. Have any religion?
2. Working on Sunday?
3. Are you married ?
 4. Can we teach you today?
Elder Smith with his companions and Virgilio Moraes.  Love that guy!

Monday, November 23, 2015

158 days left

 I missed writing him so this is a week later.  We flew in from Florida super late and slept way past the time to get up.
questions: #1
What is your favorite cereal?
idk cinnemen toast crunch
Do you happen to know the address of the Moraes?
Could you take a picture with a elf hat or santa hat on again with your companion?  I think I'd like to make a Christmas card this year.  And send it asap?
ill get right on that
​What did you find out when you were searching our ancestors?​
how to do FH work
You going to try and celebrate thanksgiving? Or is it just another day?
prolly just going to be another day

questions: #2
The picture that was sent to me over "whatsapp" of you doing some family names...I returned a picture of us on a tour bus...did you get that?
yup, she showed it to me
What did you get with your birthday money?
some new pants and lots of unnessesary stuff like food...

Picture questions: #3
I'm assuming you took a picture of you standing in front of your apartments?
in front no...
Also you took a picture of money, just to show Brailian money? or why is that special?  It is cool to see it...and I'm glad to see but just want to make sure.  
just to show it to you guys
What is the lady's name who made you birthday cake name?
We did a birthday party together so she hafd already baught the cake... Cintia
And did you have several celebrations? Or is the lady and Junior related somehow?
nope just those two...


Monday, November 9, 2015

172 days left

Hey so as of saturday i'm a legal ADULT it comes with new responsabilities and stuff and brings on a NEW Drivers licence hahsahahahahaha!!!! Im sending some pics from my B-Day and on Sunday when we ait lunch with Cintia, me and her are one day apart and a few years but we celebrated our B-days together so that was fun!!! This week went by super fast!! We did a bunch in Vila Soma and i met a new dude that had a dream to meet an Ameircan... i helped him with his dream and then i talked to him in English a little via WhatsApp cuz he lives in another state called Maranhão and we talked a little!! 

Love Elder Smith

We didnt do much for my B-day just Give English class and work!! We had a cake in English class!! fun times!!!
Answer your bday questions.
Do they have a thanksgiving day holiday?
Nope not like we do...
How do you say merry Christmas?
Feliz Natal
What you gonna get you for your bday?
IDK Prolly some Jerseys from Brazil!! 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

178 days left

Hey guys so this week wsa a good one, we had lots to do!!! Yesterday was a FLIPPEN Holiday again so we had to do P-day today its kinda really anoying!!
But this holiday was the Day of the Dead! So we got together with the ward and the District and we went to the semitary to do some contacts with the peeps that went! I think overall we had more then 1,000 contacts just in 3,5 hours that we were there!! Then we made lunch and went to work again!!! But we dont really have very many people Progressing but we are working in Vila Soma a ton!! But this week we have lots planned we have Friendship night wednesday then we have my B-DAY on saturday!!!! But thats it this week love you guys!!!!!
Love Elder Smith

Favorite food this week?
Best cooker ever on your mission?
Comp Elder M. Santos
member catia from Araras

Monday, October 26, 2015

186 days left

Hey guys so this week passed like any other week... we did activitys with the ward! Fun stuff happening here!! This week we have interviews with Pres on thursday so we'll see how that goes...This week should be a Baptism week for us so hopefully that should go through!! We are starting to get our going to start growing our teaching group!! But thats about it this week!! 
Brazil doesnt really celebrate Halloween but i think we might do something with an English school that we are helping with... but we'll see!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

193 days left

Hey guys so this week went by SUPER fast we did lots of cool things we met a couple new peeps to teach we are going to start teaching English here cuz im the only American in the District so that'll be fun!! Its good cuz it helps me with my English to remember how to talk!! But this passed saturday we had an activity with the ward where we went to the fair here in Sumaré and we passed out more then 300 Ensigns 
and it was super cool and we ait lunch at a park with the ward and it was a Churrasco BBQ that was super Delichious!!! Today is trasferes but i stayed here with Elder Vieira and we are going to have a ball this next transfere!! I dont think ill die here but who knows Pres. could do one of his crazys and send me for my last transfere...but well see...Peace out
Love Elder Smith


What holiday was last MOnday?  When is carnival?  Or does it happen several times a year?
Dia das crianças day of the children Carnival is Feb, march
How do you like your new companion so far?  I guess if it's already time for transfers he's not so new...​
Hes cool the only thing that i dont like is that he always has to be right...

Did your president put that rule...if pdays fall on holidays you work? because the people are home and are more available? Or because he doesn't want you partying too?
yup cuz Familys are at home and DRUNK and unaccecable 

How many other missionaries had baptism pictures? 
Like 30 from the zones that were there

 I LOVE the pictures you sent the last one your companion?  Remind how long he has?  I like his first name alot.  YOU look fantastic!  
He will do a year in a month Klaytin Jhones Rodriges Vieira

Tyler and Monica.  They dropped off a camera for Tyler.  This is the couple that visited us here in Provo when they came for conference.  They are fantastic people! 

Monica, Tyler, (wolfy) and Virgilio Moraes

Elder Vieira

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

199 days left

So today is P-day cuz yesterday was a holiday here, and President he put a rule that every Holiday we have to go work even if it is p-day so we had to do p-day today. I dont like it!!!
Hey so this week was a good one. We had Multi-zone with Pres. Canuto we learned lots of cool stuff with him and that little pic of me was a HIT mom, every one loved it!! We are still teaching Jairo and José Lins the Judge hes going along well, Jairo, we are going to mark a date for this saturday if we can get in touch with him... but other then that we have some ppl we are teaching in Vila Soma which is a neighborhood/slum so we have a couple ppl from there that we are trying to start teaching but we'll see if they progress in the gospel...!! Other than that next week is Transferes already so we'll see if Pres. keeps me here or sends me off... idk... But thats about it!!!

Love Elder Smith

Did you get to see them? Monica? Camera?
No not yet but i think i might call him to see if its possible him coming here
Did they show you pictures?
didnt see them yet
How is your're teaching?
Do You have pictures of your companions after...mmm I'll have to look at home. After your first ap comp.

Monday, October 5, 2015

207 days left

Hey so this week was a good one we met a real super cool investigator!! His name is Jose L P. He is the judge of the entier city of sumaré but he only does weddings cuz he is retired and doesnt really do much for the city aside from weddings so hes supper good. We are teaching people from a little invated place that is basically a moving community that is super large!!! So we have a couple people from there that we are teaching that are super good just need to get married thats the only thing that lacks for them to get DUNKED!!! But this week we have lots of things to do!!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

214 days left

Hey so this week passed by super slow cuz we stayed at home almost the entire week so i dont really have any stories to tell besides from the one that the city judge is my newest investigator and we are going to start teaching him this week. So we'll see where it goes with him.

Is your companion's foot feeling better?
How is your area progressing?
not very well
You get to see your friends very much?
everytime theres a stake activity
Favorite food this week?
Get your hair cut again by your sweet family?
not yet
bye mom 

Monday, September 21, 2015

221 days left

This week was a good one but slowish my comp tore a ligament in his foot so were house grounded for the rest of this week!! But we got some good accomplished this week we have a couple ppl that we are teaching and that we have to work with and the ward here really helps us!!!
But this week will pass by slowly cuz we cant do much cuz of his foot but its gunna be a good one!!! 

Monday, September 14, 2015

228 days left

Hey fam so this week was a normal first week of the transfers not 100% productive in everything but we are just getting used to the rhythm here and how we are going to work together and stuff like that. So we are doing lots of doors cuz the area was closed last transfer so we dont know much about the area. But the ward is great and stuff like that!!!
Just chuggin along!!
Love Elder Smith

Have you gotten to see or visit with people you already knew in your new area?
Not yet i might go this week or the next week.

How's your new companion?
Hes super cool i think this transfer will be a good one

Where's he from?
Crato Ceará 

Do you miss piracicaba? The people? Companions?
Just the people that we were teaching!!

Is it a couple hour drive? How long? By bus?
About two and a half by bus an hour by car.

Did you already get the quilt?
Idk not yet

How are you going to give it to them? Now that you're transferred.
Ill ask the Elders in the office to give it to them!

If a Brazilian elder gets called to Brazil...are they happy? Or is it the same if you were to be called to salt lake...or Idaho?
Yea basiclly that most of them didnt want to serve in SP but they all say where the lord sends me ill go!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

233 days left Transferred!

Hey folks so this week is TRANSFER WEEK!!!!!!! YUP thats right i left i got transferred to you'll never guess where!!!!!!!! SUMARÈ woohhoo im back in my first zone that i started, im in sumare center. I left Piracicaba and am now in my old zone!! We had some really good people in Pira but the lord needs me in another area to help the people here!! My new comp is Elder Vieira, he is also from the north from Ceará and we are opening the area cuz the other two that were here got transferred so yea... but super fun and excited to get back to work and teach the people of sumaré again!! WOOOHHOOO

Ohh and i might need to buy a new camera i think i lost mine!!! :( 

Love Elder Smith

When are transfers?

Did you give away all ctr rings?
Yup every single one!!!

Fav meal this week?
Italian dish that the relief society secretary made on sunday was super good!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

242 days left

So this week has passed by super super fast we have worked lots in Alvorada a neighborhood the farthest one away from us. Its a really white area where its really ready to harvest. We have another family that we are teaching that doesnt have a religion but is "kinda" searching for one so we were the first ones to get to them (take that JWs). We also have a couple youth (18, 19) that went to church on sunday and liked it alot and we marked with them for wednesday to go and teach them so hopefully they will get dunked but we'll see... HOLY WOWOWOWOW Rachel (Gardiner spoke in sacrament meeting) is already 12 wow thats fast!!!!!! wow im old!! 
Yesterday i completed a year and FOUR months with only 7 to go!!! But the mission is a good thing that will help for the rest of my life!!!

Love Elder Smith

What you gonna do today?
Clean the house cuz its a mess!!!!

How is your family progressing?
The one we found a while ago is starting to slack on going to church and the W.O.W so we go there every now and again to give a lesson but we are focussing on this new family that needs to get married!!

I sent the quilt along...get the other package yet?
Thats neet i got the package a while ago just forgot to say so... woops

Got any pictures to send me? I don't think we have one of your companion or your fake companion.
I havent taken a pic with my REAL comp cuz we hardly have time together

One thing you love about your companion...either one...
Super good at teaching

Have you been collecting good food recipes from people? So you'll have a collection and can cook them or I can? How bout those cheese balls?
Not yet but ill get on that!!!

Hey so this monday i wont be able to get on cuz we have a rule here that all the holidays we have to leave the house at 8 AM and this monday just happens to be a holliday its Brazils independence day so we have to work it instead of celerbrate but on wednesday will be our p-day for this week then it goes back to normal! I dont like it but its what Pres said to do so we gots to do it!! 😵😒

Monday, August 24, 2015

249 days left

So this week passed by we really did lots!! Im not even going to say anything about my companion cuz we only have worked together a minimum of a day and 2 hours this month... But besides that we are still working with Joamears family but we need to put a goal with them tho stop smoking and drinking coffee!! These are the two major things about Brazil ohh and marriage thats another LITTLE thing about here!! But this week passed by super fast i almost dont see the weeks pass by but i think i find them in the days as the pass!! But for reals we are doing TONS of door knocking im basically a pro at clapping my hands to call people in their homes!! and my feet have calluses on my calisesits super dross imma have to do a pedicure when i get home!! We saw lots of drug trafficking in the neighborhood that we are working and there arent any police that patrol that area!!!! But thats it this week!!!

Love Elder Smith

Do you have a return date?
Nopers not yet ;( 

What was your favorite meal this week?
stroganoff de frango 

Who did you eat with? And do you usually eat every meal with a member?
We will always eat with a member unless they cancel and then we go eat with Maria my recent-convert cuz she makes marmitex and the members pay her to feed us. So basically yes we eat with a member everyday!

Favorite thing this week?
We had an activity on thursday and we played a battleship game of our knowlege of the BOM and the last round was general knowlege and i answered a question in English cuz i didnt know how to say it in Poruguese and i got it right cuz the judge knew how to speak English!!

Last time you sent pictures, you sent one of you on a bridge over a river...where is that and what is the river called?  I think I'm going to use that to replace the picture at the top of your blog.  It's perfect.
Its here in Piracicaba its called Rio de Piracicaba but its drying out super fast!! and kinda stinky too!

Monday, August 17, 2015

256 days again.

Hey so this week was a good one that FLEW by we did lots of work but it seams like so little time has passed!! So we are working with this new family that is super super cool Joamer, Elizangela and Graziele, they are super cool we've been working with them for about 3 weeks but they havent gone to church till yesterday!! But the Dad he is SUPER shy and so its hard to get him to go anywhere!! He's almost like dad like dad just doesnt want to go...hehe. They live in our farthest area away from our house so we either walk there and go an hour earlier or we pay R$3 and get a bus which i prefer walking cuz its a cool walk!! But i swore to myself i will never ever ever again walk 30 Km 18 Miles a day to talk to ppl!!!!! And one thing that im super grateful where i live is the Temple I realized that we are super blessed that we have a temple basically in front of our house so i think that at times we take it for granted that we have one soooo close!! There are ppl here in Brazil that go 27 Hours by Bus to get the Temple and pay up to R$900 which is about $250!!! Its incredible the faith and the desire the ppl have!! Amazing!! I also made a promise to myself that when i get home imma go to the temple at least once a week to help those that cant go with such frequency!!!! Well thats my week!! Love you guys and go to the temple!!!

Love Elder Smith

Do you think karinas baptism was your most specialist?
I Think it is!
How old is karina?

One thing that would really help a new missionary: Is to really try to understand WHO he really is and what a role he really has as a servant of the lord!! One thing that Pres. Costa the Brazil area Pres. said to us that the biggest thing that missionarys have problems with is to really understanding who they are and what power they have as Priesthood holders!! Another thing is to really act on the Spirit and do it RIGHT when he says to do something!! And when you are teaching a family use the power that god bestowed upon you and use it often!!! Thats one thing i learned this passed couple of weeks. This one dude we taught was super beat up from repeated motorcycle accidents and has had a couple preachers and people from other churches go to his house to say a prayer for him, when he said that i heard a voice in my head that said "we have the power of GOD to heal people USE IT!!!! In that same moment i knew that if we were to give him a blessing that he would be cured that same day!!! I know that really listening to the spirit and acting upon the whispers that he gives it are really important!!! Thats one thing that i need to better as an old missionary so if the new missionaries learn that early they will really have a successful mission!!! Use the power that the lord BESTOWED upon you to BLESS OTHERS!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

263 days left

Hey guys so this week was amazing!!! We've been working with Karina for a couple months and last sunday she said that she wanted to get baptised and i told her that we could baptise her on saturday and so on saturday we had a BAPTISM!!!!!!! wohhooo so Karina was Baptised on Saturday! It was a good long two months to wait for her to decide to do this but she finely dicided to do this!! I had asked her if she was going to invite her parents and she said she didnt know if that would be a good idea...but then she called me on friday and said that her parents were coming to the baptism and i kinda got scared cuz her dad is super strong in another church, and he is slightly against ours but then President Canuto came to the baptism and i was really happy that he came and talked with him!! Happy day!!! 

Of course i remember the little birdies i remember i bore my testimony about that remember?? I dont know what about but i remember that i shared that story.

Yea Monica is a member here that her family helps lots with the church and with us in our work!! 

Favorite moment this week?
a mix of Elder Costa coming and the Baptism!!!!

What did they cook for you?
A soup called sopa de Cara i dont really know how to describe it but it was super good!!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

270 days left Coolest email yet!

I don't really need sunscreen its a joke cuz Elder Costa the area President is coming here to give a training on Friday and we need to be ready cuz he is going to come in with some heat!!! He is not a loving kind of guy. He likes things his way and the way of the BOOK nothing changes!!!!!!!!!!!! So it autta be fun to see what he has to say!!! So this week is the week of miracles!!!! We started with NOTHING to start out the transfer cuz we had dropped most of our investigators for a while to see if they can get better or if we can get new ones. But this Sunday really was a Sunday of miracles cuz Karina came to church and after Soc Soc she came to Gospel Principles and she sat next to me and she said "Hey remember that BAPTISM thingy??" and i responded "YES" she said "I think i am ready to change the life im living cuz i dont like it!!!" So then i asked her when she wanted to get BAPTISED and she said "as soon a possible!!" so i said Saturday cuz we still need to teach her algumas coisas so we are meeting with her on tuesday to make all the arrangements for the BAPTISM and things like that!!!!!! This is the COOLEST thing that has happened here as it comes to BAPTISM!!!!Ohh and the best thing is, is that we were Fasting when she said that!!! So that just strengthens my testimony on Fating cuz if we fast with a purpose it works!!!!!!! So Saturday will be her BAPTISM!!!! The second miracle on this day was that Irmão Buzzato he is SUPER rich and goes to the states frequently so this time we ate lunch at his house and for dessert he pulls out Ice Cream and Peanut Butter M&M's and when i saw those M&M's i freaked out I love them!!!!!!
Well that was my week not much of details but thats the miracles of the week!!!
Love Elder Smith  hey Fat Lard tots a fat joke

Ok, just think of something that you wished you'd known before coming out.  or that you had been more prepared to do?  just something for a new missionary.  ​
Dont be dumb with your studies cuz the more you study the more you can teach with the spirit the more ppl you can convert!! Or just flirt to convert... your choice
What you doing today?
 Prolly gunna sleep dunno prolly gunna fly some kites
Who cuts your hair now?
 Irmã cida has a hair school and so we get it cut by the students
Best thing this week?
 Miracle of Karina
How do you like your new companion? 
 IDK cuz we havent worked together at all this whole week and prolly the coming week!!
How do you like your fake (other zl companion) companion?
Hes cool so its the Assistants not the ZLs

Dads questions:
Do you think you'll be in Piracicaba for many more transfers?
i think so but im not sure cuz itll be my 4th transfer if i stay and thats a lotta time
Can you send back some more pictures?? we're running dry!
Yea ill send some now!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

277 days left

Lets get it on like donkey kong!!! So this week was a good one me and Nixon worked together half of the week but the other half was at the office doing AP stuff... we met a really cool family that lives like 30 min by bus from our house but we are going to work in that area for the most of this week so we can get them baptized for this month!! I got a new comp his name is Elder Saunders from Texas i dont remember the city but hes been on the mission for a year and 6 months i think... not sure but i think thats it! Nixon will be going to Provo to go to school at BYU in August so i think he might come and visit you cuz i sent something with him to give to mom! We did lots of doors this week cuz we started working in the new area Alvorada so we are going to do lots there but we've almost knocked every door there so its going to be fun to get to knock all the doors again to get more peeps to teach!!
Hopefully we can get these peeps to the waters of baptism!!!
Love Elder Smith

Can you find a recipe from someone there to make Pao De Qeuijo?  You know, those cheese balls from Toucanos...
Yea ill ask maria if she can give it to me!!

Did you get your companion off in style?  Take tons of pictures, visit people, hug?
Yea he left this morning we didnt really spend that last day together.

Transfers?  Who's your new companion? How long's he been out?  Where's he from?

Is your companion an AP?  Same situation as before?
Yeps just like last transfer

Favorite food this week?
Parmagion chicken!!! the best

Thought about what you say to a new missionary?  Any advice?
not yet i didnt think of it this week! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

284 days left

Its sooo HOT i hate heat!!!! I wish the Winter here was a true winter but its really not!! it gets to about 68 and people are already putting on like 5 shirts and like a big coat its kinda funny i just want some snow or some real cold... is it too much to ask for Brazil?? But other than the heat we are going to start knocking the same doors cuz we have basically done almost all the doors here in center... its not the best cuz here is %70 apartment. So its super hard to get to the people.. But this week we did well!! Next week is transferes and Elder Nixons death Hes not too trunky if anything im more then he is... but im doing work here and cant wait to see the results!!
Love you guys!!!!

Love Elder Smith

Is it today that you're sending your companion away? Or next Monday?  Is he trying so hard not to be trunky?  And is he doing a good job?

Nope next week he is still kicking!!!
​Where is Elder Souza from?  He's basically your companion huh?

Yea basically chinese hes from Fortaleza 

Seen many chickens just running around?
Every day!!

A couple weeks ago you sent 2 pictures of ties.  One cut up...What does that signify?
Cuz i cut it cuz it was super wide!!!

Did you know that Brasilia is the capital but Sao Paulo is the biggest city?  I put some fun facts on your blog the other day because I wanted to know when Brazil's independence day's sometime in September. 
Yup September 7th

Monday, July 13, 2015

291 days left

So this week my comp has been gone the whole week so i spent everyday with E' Souza which isnt bad its just that he is just soooo quiet like he doesnt talk with me on the street or anything!! He comes from a military family so i guess thats just the way he was raised. But this week was a good one it passed by super fast again! This 9 months is going to go by soo FaSt!!! 
So this week we are going to marry Paula and Oswaldo actually we are going to their house right after this and we are the going to the the place idk what its called... Cartório in Portuguese but we are going there in a little bit so this weeks email is going to be a little shorter than normal!! Love you all and all you love the lord!!

Love Elder Smith

can you get corn/rice chex? vanilla?
yea but there super expencive

Are you able to get Brazilian jerseys?  do they cost lots of money? Or can we get them here just the same as you can?
I think its best if you get them there cuz here they have the chance of being fake

Are you getting sad that it's almost time for your companion to go home?  Where in Utah is he from?
 He's from Colorado dont remember the city but nope cuz i hardly spend time with him...

How is Karina doing?
Well her baptism fell and so we are going to have to work on that a little more this week cuz she still has a problem with the WOW with coffee and black tea! so shes going to have to wait!

Monday, July 6, 2015

298 days left

Hey fam, so this week FLEW we are doing soo much work this week i didnt even see that the time had pasted soo fast i hope the next few months pass that fast as well. I'm liking the work here in Piracicaba lots of people here to teach and lots from OTHER AREAS!! If thats one thing that i dont like is the division of the areas here why cant i find someone and Baptise that person just like if they lived in my area i dont like the thing about the areas!!! We find ppl to teach and we teach them then we find out that they live in another area... Its the worst thing working in an area thats small with surrounding areas soo close!! ugghhh. But this week was soo good cuz we killed in the nembers area and we worked soo good!! This week is prolly gunna be the same as the last hopefully super fast and super good!!! I fasted for sheryl twice this week as well to baptise two people this month so that we can meet our goal!! But we got one baptism scheduled  for this week on saturday so hopefully that'll go through!! Pray for that!!!! Karina to be baptised on Saturday!!! Love you guys!!!
p.s. 1 year and 2 months down 9 months to go!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Smith

Did you get to watch the girls world cup? any of the games?
Nope didnt even know they were playing...(I chatted with him afterward and told him so sad about not even knowing about it.  He told me people don't care about women's soccer there... And Brazil did pretty good...they were top in their bracket and got out and lost to Australia)
What was your favorite thing this past week?
We worked soo much!!!

What are you looking forward to this week?
Ummm just working and Karina's Baptism!!!!

Teaching any new peeps?
Lots of new peeps that we teach for a couple of days then we drop then cuz they dont progress!!

What's your favorite primary song?
In Portugeuse "Segue o Profeta"

So I don't think I have followed your companionship switches very well.  The last companionship I have is Elder Nixon...have you had a couple since? and where are they from?
Nope still on Nixon but he is dying this transfer on the 27th so ill get a new one!!

I think I'm going to work on sending you a package soon.  I've got the list from last time, but anything else you'd like to add?
Lots of chocolate and treats Butter fingers and some gum!! i have a gum crave!! the good blue kind that come in like 8 packs for like $10 i think from sams club!

I'm not sure about these last two pictures...I will ask about them next time.