Monday, November 30, 2015

151 days left TRANSFERED!

Hey guys so guess what!?!?!?!?! idk ahhahahahahaha gotcha hahaha well i guess i should tell ya but lets let the suspences arise and wait the wait!!!! This week passed by SUPER fast and super lame. We didnt do much but eat lunch and knock doors this week we did a BUTT LOAD of doors!!! It was fun though cuz we have a new system to do for doors!! I'll send the 4 questions to you at the end!! But now the moment everyones been waiting for....................I WENT TO PIRACICABA 2A!!!!! I'll be in a trio with the Zone leaders!!! I dont know how well i like that but we'll see!!!

The 4 questions
1. Have any religion?
2. Working on Sunday?
3. Are you married ?
 4. Can we teach you today?
Elder Smith with his companions and Virgilio Moraes.  Love that guy!

Monday, November 23, 2015

158 days left

 I missed writing him so this is a week later.  We flew in from Florida super late and slept way past the time to get up.
questions: #1
What is your favorite cereal?
idk cinnemen toast crunch
Do you happen to know the address of the Moraes?
Could you take a picture with a elf hat or santa hat on again with your companion?  I think I'd like to make a Christmas card this year.  And send it asap?
ill get right on that
​What did you find out when you were searching our ancestors?​
how to do FH work
You going to try and celebrate thanksgiving? Or is it just another day?
prolly just going to be another day

questions: #2
The picture that was sent to me over "whatsapp" of you doing some family names...I returned a picture of us on a tour bus...did you get that?
yup, she showed it to me
What did you get with your birthday money?
some new pants and lots of unnessesary stuff like food...

Picture questions: #3
I'm assuming you took a picture of you standing in front of your apartments?
in front no...
Also you took a picture of money, just to show Brailian money? or why is that special?  It is cool to see it...and I'm glad to see but just want to make sure.  
just to show it to you guys
What is the lady's name who made you birthday cake name?
We did a birthday party together so she hafd already baught the cake... Cintia
And did you have several celebrations? Or is the lady and Junior related somehow?
nope just those two...


Monday, November 9, 2015

172 days left

Hey so as of saturday i'm a legal ADULT it comes with new responsabilities and stuff and brings on a NEW Drivers licence hahsahahahahaha!!!! Im sending some pics from my B-Day and on Sunday when we ait lunch with Cintia, me and her are one day apart and a few years but we celebrated our B-days together so that was fun!!! This week went by super fast!! We did a bunch in Vila Soma and i met a new dude that had a dream to meet an Ameircan... i helped him with his dream and then i talked to him in English a little via WhatsApp cuz he lives in another state called Maranhão and we talked a little!! 

Love Elder Smith

We didnt do much for my B-day just Give English class and work!! We had a cake in English class!! fun times!!!
Answer your bday questions.
Do they have a thanksgiving day holiday?
Nope not like we do...
How do you say merry Christmas?
Feliz Natal
What you gonna get you for your bday?
IDK Prolly some Jerseys from Brazil!! 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

178 days left

Hey guys so this week wsa a good one, we had lots to do!!! Yesterday was a FLIPPEN Holiday again so we had to do P-day today its kinda really anoying!!
But this holiday was the Day of the Dead! So we got together with the ward and the District and we went to the semitary to do some contacts with the peeps that went! I think overall we had more then 1,000 contacts just in 3,5 hours that we were there!! Then we made lunch and went to work again!!! But we dont really have very many people Progressing but we are working in Vila Soma a ton!! But this week we have lots planned we have Friendship night wednesday then we have my B-DAY on saturday!!!! But thats it this week love you guys!!!!!
Love Elder Smith

Favorite food this week?
Best cooker ever on your mission?
Comp Elder M. Santos
member catia from Araras