Monday, March 30, 2015

day 334 click day #11

If you didnt notice im really missin the states right now!! I could really go for a good ol panda express right about now!!! Im really looking forward to general confrence this weekend!! To top off the weekend we might have 4 BAPTISMS if all goes right!! If not we will still have at least two cuz one is a 42 year old dude Reinaldo whos GF is a member in Sorocaba so she is kinda pushing him so that will for sure happen, and then we have Rauni who is a son of a member that is 9 years old and they will baptise on the 4th after the 1st session of GC then baptise and then we go to the second session and and then we will confirme them on the next sunday so i think it'll be super cool!! Then if ALL goes right we will have two more on this Saturday, Wellen and her daughter will hopefully be baptised as well and they are the ones that im really routing for for reals like i want them to baptise cuz they would be super strong in the church!!!

love you all 

Love Elder Smith

What was the best thing that happened this week?
That we marked with Wellen for her date on the 4th

How is your family doing?  Did/are they coming to church?
nope kinda droped them cuz they arent willing to change

How many people are in your ward/branch?
well we have a number of 600 or so regestered but an attendance of 80 

Did you get transferred?  When are transfers again?
Transferes are today but they are doing something way dumb and telling us at8:30 tonight.

Did you get all your shirts?
didnt get my package yet

Did you get your easter package?


Monday, March 23, 2015

day 327

Hey so this week we did ALOT of walking and everyday when we get home my legs are just like jelly!!  We walk prolly 12 miles per day!! Well we have a few baptismal dates set for a few peeps. We have Patricia who is 17 has a 2 year old son and is married!!! CRAZY!!! and we marked her for the weekend of confrence and hopefully she does cuz that would be super cool to have a baptism on the same day of confrence i think that would be cool!!! well other then that we have a baptism of a 9 year old son of a member thatll be our baptism and he'll be baptised next week and so that'll be fun. But thats about it for this week!!

Love Elder Smith

How is that family doing?  Did you have to move the date back again?  Did they come to church yesterday?
Yea that fam is prolly gunna be cut here in a little cuz they dont want anything to do with us

Are you so excited for General Conference? It's in two weeks!
Yea im super excited for that cuz i get to watch it in ENGLISH!!!

What's the happiest thing that happened this week?
We marked the date of Patricia

What did you eat this week?

When are transfers?  Do you think you'll stay?
Next week so i hope i stay idk

Monday, March 16, 2015

day 320

Hey ya'll hows it going?? So this week pasted by REALLY fast we started working in a little neighborhood thats about 1 hour and a half walk to get there so we have to get a bus that takes 30 min to get there!! We found a new family that we set a date for the so we are praying for them to continue and go to church but we might have to push the date back a little further cuz they didnt go to church yesterday and they have to go to church at least two sundays in a row unless we get authorization from Pres. Canuto to just baptize them so we'll see what goes down with them and the BEST thing about them is that its a family of 4 and the mom and dad are FLIPPEN MARRIED that is one of the biggest difficulties here in Brazil for the people to be married legally its kinda a miracle that they are married!!! We also got some new young girls but i dont think that they will progress but lets see... 

Love Elder Smith

Are you getting along with the language?  What's difficult?  Can you write it as well? Understanding it easier?
I think im pretty fluent at this point. The hardest thing is that i cant speak English and then switch right into Portuguese. Eu sai como escrever mas eu ainda estou um pouco lent  escrevendo

Last week you asked for new shirts.  Is that something you could get there? Are they super expensive?  I'm sending you socks but shirts are pretty bulky...Are they more expensive than here? with shipping?
I dont know i never really looked here but ill look here and tell you how much they are.

Where are you in that big "BOTUCATU" metal sign?  At a park?
That is at the freeway that we have to walk to get to MaraJoara the neighborhood that we are working in.

Played any soccer lately? or even just hacky sacking it?
Nope not really just doing alot of walking

How is your new family progressing?
up there

Can/could you go fishing?
Yea we might go this week with a dude we did a contact with.

(stole this questions from Andrea's blog to Ryus) Do you use any scouting skills out there? Knife skills, bow hunting skills...:)
no not really.

(stoled again)  Do you remember laughing this week?  how come?
The first day i went to MaraJoara i went with E Murry and hes just a funny guy.

Do you ever have to give talks in sacrament meeting?  Or sing?
Two weeks ago i had to give a talk out of the Blue with 5 min to prepare it so that was fun. I just gave one on the Restoration cuz we had two investigators there and i thought "Hey why not get some lessons with member today"...

Monday, March 9, 2015

day 313

So this week we had some struggles but we just gotta keep on keepen on!! So Fidelio moved so hes gone. Bro Eggerd is a cool dude i got to know him in the MTC in the Choir think thats the choir dudes name idk...So this week we had interviews With Pres.and the we found a new family that looks like they could be promising but we'll see,the rest of the days just passed by so sorry this week is so short ill make a better week next week!!

What was good this week?
Interviews with President Canuto

How are your progressing peeps?
Well we droped Fidelio and now are just focusing on Wellen but we found a new family so hopefully they'll be good

I'm about to send a package...any requests?...I'm sending some different provo shirts...that Jens and I found at the DI.  It was fun sort of being on a scavenger hunt...looking for these particular shirts.   
New SOCKS im dying of old socks and at the year mark like 6 new Shirts

Does Brazil have DIs? or thrift stores? salavation armies like by Grandma B? second hand stores?
nope not really just people who have lots of clothes and sell them for 1 Real

How was the waterfall last week?
It was AMAZING!!!! 

Wow, about washing the doggies...did they all belong to one person? or several?  how did you organize that? advertise?
It is a less active who lives in a machion and he has all the animals

Monday, March 2, 2015

306 days out. 10 months

WOOOHHOOOO I hit the 10 month mark only like 14 more months till im enjoying the goodness of the good ol U.S.of A. and doing american things which is SOO much better then Brazilian things but whatever.. vent over. This week was a good one we gave a bath to 13 dogs for a service project and then we ate some Jaca its a fruit only found here in Brazil its kinda gross!! PICS well this week we did lots of stuff that i cant remember what we did but today we are going to a waterfall!!!! Im soo excited!!!

Love Elder Smith


How did your date goals go?  Did anyone get baptized yesterday?  Are they all still progressing? Fidelo and Wellen?
Well Fidelio had to ask his mom to see what she thinks and Wellen we are marking a date with her tomorrow and i think she'll baptise!!!

what did you do for pday? or what are you going to do?
Im going to a waterfall today!!!

Is it getting cooler yet?
Just at night time

Best food so far?
We went to a pizza place with Anaue and it was super expensive but it was super good. A steak Pizza