Monday, September 29, 2014

day 152

Hey Y'all,
Thats pretty crazy about the Earth Quake!!  (Brian and I went to Alaska for a week and had a little shake up while in the hotel 6.2er) When i get back i want to be a tour bus driver for the tour of alaska for the reason of the scenery and the money i heard they make BANK.
So this week was pretty good,
Monday we didnt really do anything,

Tuesday we had another set of missionaries come to our area so we had to go to their house and help them set up all their stuff cuz its a brand new house and all brand new stuff so we helped them with that.

Wednesday we had District meeting and we went to that, then on the way to the buses a ladies car had broken in the middle of the road and we stopped and helped her with that and luckily Elder Rosa is a mechanic so he knew what to do we were there for about an hour fixing this car in the middle of the road and i didnt know anything about what had happened so i just directed traffic. Boy are these drivers thick headed they dont pay attention to signs telling them the roads closed, so after about an hour of working in the hot 90 degree weather, the ice cream shop that we were close to offered us to wash our hands and then when we were all done they offered us some ice cream FREE!!! You dont know how greatfull i was for that!!! It was so flippen hot!!

Thursday we went to the new Elders' area and make the split of our area and theirs so that was that.

Friday Work Work Work

Saturday "       "       " 

Sunday    "      "       "

Today prolly nothin
I sent two pics and one video of my district and the other is some soulution for my contacts thats really good it makes my lens' super soft after almost like new!! The video is Irmão Nicasio (Boi) He is super cool and we spend almost three hours there just listening to him talk and answering questions about stuff and hes just super cool
Thats pretty much it so tchau for now until next week!!
Elder Smith (aka) Joseph

In Hawaii, when we went, they had something called malasadas (little doughy, donuty things, they can have cream inside them too).  They said they were portuguese, but I wondered if they possibly had them there...I know it's not portugal but perhaps??  I absolutely loved them...I would go back JUST for those.  Pretty sure you would love them too.
I just asked my comp and he has no idea what it is...?

What was great about this week?
The free Ice Cream

Favorite part in the book of mormon?
The part of Alma of all the wars

Favorite food?
The lasagna here they put in some other stuff then we do!!

Name two things you're grateful for?  I'm grateful for you!
E-mails from amazing people and for Patience.

Monday, September 22, 2014

day 145 I ei familia E pessoas!!!

So this week was a little better. We did splits with the Elders from Matão so that was fun the first one was with Elder Bandeira we went to Boi's house and chilled there for a while then after that we did made some milk-shakes from frozen milk, the milk here is super terrible but put a little chocolate in it and your good We then did  a split with Elder Chipana. He is a bit more serious then i am so we didnt really do anything fun just walked around and visited members and stuff cuz i dont like other people teaching my peoples.
Dad drove a bus?? I want to hear about this!!!
WOW thats soo sad about Rebecca I hope that she can still do the mission.
Man why do you have to go to Alaska w/out me?!?
Well Peace out
Elder Smith 


Is the weather changing at all?
The weather is getting alot hotter!!!

Best meal you had this week? with who?
Was yesterday with the Bishop, He

How did the exchanges go with your bestie in the zone?
It was the break i needed its above too

Are things better with your companion? same? worse?
more or less better

Best moment this week?
Tuesday we did exchanges with Elder Bandeira

Have you bought anything special?
I have to send yall a package with some cool soda in it. 

Anything special coming up?
General Confrence is whats coming up!!! other then that not much.

Monday, September 15, 2014

day 138

I found the reason why atlantis sunk!!! Read 3rd nephi 9:4-9 its pretty cool i think. 

(speaking of the Ogden temple dedication that will be happening this Sunday) 
The last temple dedication i went to was the one on the point of the mnt dont remember what that ones called but i went with the youth and it was pretty cool!! 

That is pretty funny that dad beat christian. I never thought id see the day where dad is in those funny water boots but thats awesome!! (Brian and Christian went fly fishing...Brian 1. Christian 0...Delicious Bass 0

Christian i hope your treating my phone well!!!
Well this week was pretty fast but definitely had its slow points we are still trying to get in the rhythm of each other and getting used to everything we do. But its hard when you have a comp that makes fun of you.

This week we are doing splits with the elders from matão and that will be a good change cuz this week ill be with Elder Bandeira (flag in portuguese) its funny cuz we americans call him Elder Flag and its pretty cool. He is my best friend in the zone, so this should be fun!!

Some funny words this week 
papada= double chin

who is the guy who is cooking the hotdogs with Elder M. Santos poking his head in the picture.?
That is Fubeka. His name is Silvane hes really cool. The reason we call him Fubeka is cuz he is the handy man for the mission. so he knows all the missionaries and stuff like that.

Did your people get their package yet?
Nope not yet.

Does it rain alot? 
Hardly ever, in fact we are in a shortage of water.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Day 131

Its the same way here too weeks are super fast but the days demora de mais. (wait for ever) but if you work well its alright. My comp is from Natal which is north west so his accent is alot different then the people here. Hes been out 8 months and has been in the same zone the whole 8 months so he is trying to reform to a new area so its been strange for him well and me too with a new comp.

Well christian i have no idea where the mask is last i remember it was in my truck. Who's Benson? (Randy and Krista's little guy) Attend the temple at least one time a month For me cuz i cant... Today we had P-day with the zone and we went to the stake center and we played soccer and Uno and ait some good pizza from the sisters in our zone. The Gomez's are re-doing their door for their house and so we are helping them and they still have lots to do, so we got a service project finally. But this week will be good. Sorry for the short letter but not much to say.
Elder Smith
Tell me the greatest thing that happened this week.
Well we didnt really do much cuz my comp is still trying to get used to the area and i dont really know how to train an area.

Tell me something funny that happened.
Lunna the dog of the Gomez's pooped right in front of our door and i almost steped in it!!!

What is your companion's name?
Elder Campelo

Where is he from?
Natal which in Portuguese is christmas.

How long has he been out?
8 months

What do you like about him right off?
He likes to play jokes and stuff

Monday, September 1, 2014

day 124

Thats cool that Christian has friends haha jk. (Christian invited over a friend to watch the BYU game over the weekend) I dont remember where west mountain is but im sure it was a blast to go to the chicken place and not go and see the chickens, but i think i have heard about the buffalo farm. The onion days man payson has all the flippin festavals and stuff. well i cant really think much right now but the week was good we went to Piracicaba for Elder M. Santos to have lunch with the Pres. and it sucked cuz i had to stay in the office and do NOTHING from 9 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon but whatever... So today are transfers and im getting a new comp Elder Dont remember his name but tomorrow we have to go and pick him up in Piricicaba so will be another long day.
Love you all Elder Smith


are you getting ready to send your companion home? saying goodbye to everyone?
Elder M. Santos is going home on wednesday. We are having the Elders from Matao coming over for the burning of him.

I'm assuming you're going to stay there and help the new guy that comes right?  Are you looking forward to a new companion?  some sort of change?
Yea its going to be wierd not having a comp that can understand English. But its really going to help.

What is a cochina or a salsicha ? Is it a little side cart with food?
A cochina i dont really know how to explain it but a salsicha is a hot dog fried 

What are you planning on doing today?
We are having the Elders from Matao coming over for the burning of him.

Do you wear your suits much?  
No not really a ton

Do you have warm water? for showers? brrrrrrr
The shower in our house is electric and so we dont need warm water.

Do you ever make cookies?
nope dont know how

Do you see chickens running around the city? or stray doggies? or kitties?
Dogs are the cats of the usa you cant go down a street with out seeing at least 4 dogs