Monday, July 28, 2014

day 89

Hey guys this week as well hasnt been the most productive. Still working with the Less-actives and trying to reactivate. Im sorry mom that you`ve been so busy and stuff for camp but i`ve got a feeling that you`ll love it up there. And the experiance will be one of amazing things. I have no idea who that is... KC Herbert no idea... but WOOHOO parabéns for him. Is the puppy super fat? Or are the dogs here just super tiny? prolly the second one... ;) Thats funny that they are just now reading my records... THATS FREAKING AWESOME THAT T-WEBB IS LEAVING SO SOON I'm so happy and excited for him When is it going to be Channys turn kkk...
Love Elder Smith
(the pic attached is a drawing of me that Elder Meira did of me while we were waiting for a  baptism interview for the elders of matão. The sencond one is of my zone after the transfer)

are there lots of bugs out at schofield?  I'll prolly hate it huh?!!
Theres not really a ton of bugs up there more by the lake but your no where near the lake so youll be fine. and your going to have a great time!!

Brother Lowe asked how you're doing?  I just say "good!" is there something more specific you'd like responded?
Nope just good make something funny up...

Got any prospective baptisms coming up? or still working on inactives.  Do you feel unproductive?
above still working with inactives 
Have you been feeling healthy?  Been sick or had a cold since you've been there?
yup healthy as santa at Christmas time. 

What kind of service have you done there?
Havent really done any... nobody needs stuff done...

What have you learned from the Book of Mormon that you didn't know before you left?
all that i can think of is the dross thing cuz thats funny 
Do you have to pay for your laundry at a laundromat?
nope we have a laundry machine at our house all mission houses have them

Got any questions for me?
How has this calling changed you for the better??

Monday, July 21, 2014

day 82 Eu vou ficar aqui (I'm staying here=not transfering)

So this week has also been not the most productive. Its the week of transferes and im staying here so i dont have to move. Pres. didnt move many people. So i think i might kill M. Santos but i dont know thats two transfers away so if so ill have spent four transferes in the same area. 

(I'm about to go to girl's camp next weekend and the place that we go is called Mia Shalom)

The camp mia shalom is just around the bend from scofield and when we had to evacuate last year mia shalom was closer to the fire then we were. congrats on winning the Nutella para bens. Christian i want to know what your going to do with the ladie sitch. Jens whos the new ladie...? Where is cascade springs? Dont remember where that is... I didnt know that brooklyn was on sytyc Que chique.

Well thats about it so im off tchau
Love Elder Smith 


what is their money called?  
Reals pronounced "Heals" and centavos

is having a picture list helpful?  cause i sent the rest for the rest of your transfers.
Ha i didnt really do that much but i did get all the pics that it has on it. But ill do better with that.

what you going to do today?  
We went to Matão today and are still here thats why im e-mailing so late prolly gunna return to our area after this.

Is your laundry caught up?
Yup. since its just us two we have a free machine all the time.

Do YOU ever cook anything for your peeps?
nope dont have recipies or american things to cook with... ;)

What's been your favorite food so far there?
Elder M. Santos has been making hamburgurs alot lately and i like those.

What foods do you miss? I'm still working on sending that fact it prolly won't get sent till after girls camp.  I'll see what I can do this week.
i miss chinise food like Panda ohh and with that package could you send an american football or two? doesnt matter if their big or little. 

Are the pottys the same? Like Christians?  How bout warm water for showers?
well i'll send a pic but the chuveiro (shower) is electric. 

what does your neighbor do for a job?  do they both work?
They own a cabeleireiro a hair cut place and francisco is a barbor and damiana is a mani pedi ladie (dont know what their called)

Monday, July 14, 2014

day 75 Alemanha!!!

Alemanha = Germany...they just won the world cup which is being held in Brazil...if you didn't know...

So concerning the world cup we got to watch the final game at Francisco's house. We have two sisters in our zone from Argentina, and they were all happy that Argentina got to the final and they like to make fun of the Brazilians here cuz they all thought that Brasil was going to win. We have zone meeting tomorrow and the sisters are going to have to hear alot of guff from my companion. This week we didnt really teach a whole lot of lessons cuz we've had meetings almost everyday! We havent had a whole ton load of success with the investigatores we have. We are mostly working with less actives now cuz that's what the bishop here wants us to do! 

Thats about all from Elder Smith
Love Elder Smith 

How have the people been after the loss of Brazil?  Did you watch the Germany/Argentina game?  I guess you were rooting for Brazil to win...
The Brazilians dont really have patriatism like the USA does. They are all rooting for Brasil when they win but when they loose they give up on Brasil. 

How far away is Argentina from you?  Could someone drive there from Brazil?

1,816 mi they could but i dont think you'd want to...

Favorite experience this week?
Would prolly have to be the multi zone meeting, where three zones got together and had a meeting with presidente and we had a really good lunch and together with all the americans and talking to them all and seeing where/what they were doing after the mission and ALOT of them are going to BYU after so theres alot of friends that ill have.

What is the address I should send packages to?  Did I send it to the correct address? 
You sent it to the right address for the mission but one of the members here went to america for his mission and really likes peanut butter and jolly ranchers if you could send some to Francisco He'll give it to the member and the member can pay some too. 

I forgot to ask Brother Fransico...How old is their child that is still at home?  They have two that are married, one missionary and one more...??
The daughter at home is 18 and her name is Francielle

Have you written everyone that's written you?
I havnt gotten to that yet...

What are you going to do for pday?
I dont know yet prolly just chill at home...

Got your package yet?
Nope prolly wont till transfer but i doubt that ill get transfered cuz presidente doesnt like to change things alot.

I haven't written Ryus yet...did you? what'd he say?
Nope i havent either...gotta get on that!

You look skinny boy...are you eating good?
Yup we eat with the members almost everyday and we eat A TON!!!

And when we are done eating they say "comé maís Elder" (eat more elder)

Friday, July 11, 2014


Just wanted to share a little fun thing that happened this morning... 

I received a friend request on fb..from someone I didn't know and I was a little apprehensive to accept.  I researched out their name and if they/we had similar friends. We didn't.  That didn't sit well with me...I usually get old high school friends (from germany) that want to add me...and even then I'm a little careful.  It was a male who had a pretty picture of a woman as his fb picture.  That made me uncomfortable too.  The more I researched, though, I got the idea that he didn't speak English and that he was a member of the church, he had pictures of the I thought he was safe. What could it hurt? I could always unfriend him right?  Within seconds of accepting his friendship, he pm'ed me.  Boom! I was scared.  Here are his exact words...

"oi wendi i am Francisco a friend of Elder Smith, and i want the recipie for costa vida please thanks"

I laughed and laughed! and teared up a little bit. My baby was requesting this. This gentleman is the person who lives upstairs and is renting to the missionaries in Brazil and who feeds my missionary everyday. He didn't speak English but was using google translate and I hurried and found your recipe and translated to Portuguese. I hope they can understand everything and that they can find all the ingredients.  

Isn't that funny!??? I loved it!

We have since become besties! It's so nice to talk to someone in the same mission as your child. It's an immediate connection that you get.

 Yummy lasagna that his companion made.

 Lunna, their cute puppy.

This was on another day...the caption...
"making your son fat!"

I only talk to the people in the apartment. I haven't talked to Tyler at all. I use google translate when they talk. It's great! I'm really grateful for this technology. How lucky (sortudo) we are!

Monday, July 7, 2014

day 68

So this week has been pretty chill not much to talk about but we have been teaching an 11 year old that lives with his aunt and is wanting to be baptized so we`re teaching the lessons to him. He is really smart, when we give him things to do he does them further then we ask him to do. I think he might be baptized this next saturday but not sure we havent really givin him a date yet. We also have one guy that we`re teaching that is progressing alot hes been to church three times (you have to go to church at least twice before you can be baptized) and i think we might invite him to be baptized next lesson. But the Pesquisedore that was really progressing has slipped way down. He started a job that only works on sat andsunday, so he cant come to church cuz he has to work.
The reason i say Brazil celebrated the 4th is because Brazil played on the 4th and every game day is a holiday so in a way the celebrated it.

But thats about all i can think of so until next week...
Love Elder Smith

I'm sure you haven't gotten my package yet..have you?
Nope not yet it usually takes a month to get a package

Who has written to you?  And have you returned a letter back?  Have you written Ryus? He'll leave for Canada on Tues/Wed of this week.  Can't believe it already. 
nope but i will right now!!!

How often do you eat with members?
We have lunch with the members every day except when they dont make anything then we make stuff in casa.
The biggest meal is almoço (lunch) and so we hardly every eat Jantar (dinner) 

Your companion looks older?  How old is he?

Since your companion is almost done is he getting pretty trunky?  Or is he still obedient? 
he isnt really getting trunky just been sick this whole week and so we`ve been in casa alot.

Brazil is doing good in the world cup..does everyone think they can go all the way?  Who do you think will win? 
The way their playing i think they will beat germany but w/out neymar i dont know how well they`ll do against argentina

Is it still pretty cup?
still same thing its a party every day Brasil plays

Tell me your favoritest moment this week...
We went to the bishops house to watch the brazil game!

Have you got anymore pesqidoros?  is that what they're called?  I can't remember...
Pesquisadores, quazie (close) we have gotten lots of referels but since santos has been sick we havent really gotten to them.

Do you have any questions for me?
Is dad still thinking about selling the stang?

I love saying means breakfast in German.  Are there any words that you love saying in Portuguese?
Droga (freak,drugs) depends on how you use it...

We wondered how the Brazilians feel about the people of Portugal...where they both speak Portuguese?  Are they friends?  You know cause people of spain think they have the real spanish language...
Brasil was independanced from portugal. but portugal thinks that they have the real portuguese. But its ALOT different then Brasil portuguese.

How do they say a rooster crows?  dog barks? cat meows? etc.  I thought that was the most interesting thing when dad said that Spaniards said it differently then we had learned in America.

Galo cante (Rooster sings) Latidos de cachorro (barking dog) miados de gato (cat meows)

What made you laugh this week?
The only thing i can think of right now is that when we were having Almoço with the members living above us and how they all would try to speak english with me. Its funny.