Monday, January 25, 2016

71 days left

HEY guys so this week went by SUPER fast it was super cool to see how fast things are going!!! I am getting super trucky because my house mates are going home soon too but im still kicking these door's butts!!!! We are doing lots of hard work!!! We have fun doing it too cuz we have to include some words that we have to say in the contact so it makes it more fun to do them!!! FUUUNNNN for Christian and Jules that'll be cool for the fam Jens your losing Bro get on that marrage thingy... But im looking forward to these last 66 days!!! Its going to be SUPER fun!!!

Love Elder Smith

If there was 1 value that you learned growing up in our family...what was it? I need an answer today. It's for my class.
To not be a cry baby to resolve my problems with the people that i have a problem with first us then go to higher authority!! (mom dad)

How is the flooding?
already gone down a ton!!!!

Are we going to get an itinerary of your flight home yet? It seems like with the other boys we got it already. I can't really remember.
here in a month or so ill get my Death call and then ill let you know!!!

How did your testimony mtg. Go?  I bet it was sad...
i basically cried and so did almost everyone else that was going home!!

How many more weeks before your companion goes home?
29 days 3 weeks today!!!!

What was your service opportunity this week?
We did nothing...

Funny story? Must state one now. You've had a week.
haha well thats gunna be hard today we were playing if you love your neighbor and it was a super fun game we played with the zone!! Kinda lame but its what i can remember...sorry

Monday, January 18, 2016

79 days left

Yup so this week was pretty much comp has a way of working and mine is another way and i DONT like the way he works at ALL so i guess we will have to co-operate with the way we work so thats okay!! This week was SUPER rainy LOTS AND LOTS OF RAIN almost everyday we walked in wet shoes so today i dicided to use my black toe shoes today!! About a month ago i sent in my application for Scofeild and i told them that i wont be home till april and they emailed me and asked if i could do an interview on the 20th of Febuary and i told him that i was on the mission so lets see how that goes!!! But other then that i am giving my last testimony on Thursday on the multi-zone so thats kinda nerve wrecking!! Thats kinda it for this week!

Look up Rio De Piracicaba and look what happened to our city 

Love Elder Smith

You've been with your new companion for a week's he been? Do you miss your old one? Where'd he go?
Not like i would like but we'll have to work things out... better cuz he is normal kinda He went to São pedro

Since you're both going home soon do you get any work done? Don't let your focus leave you.
Yea we are working super hard!!!

Service opportunity this week?
None we might move houses cuz ours is super old

Did the piracicaba river flood?

Did you find someone new to teach?

Tell me a funny story. It's ok if you have to think about it...I'll wait. (I meant right then and there...not next week!)

Do you have a good supportive ward? Do you do fun activities with them? Do you just have 1 ward you're in charge of? Or several?
My ward is just one and kinda helpfull if we have ppl at church they help alot but like the work is all us and its just 1 ward

When people die do they do funerals? Have you experienced that? (I asked because in Christian's mission they sort of have a funeral last about a week)
IDK ive never been to a funeral but i would think they are the same as the states!!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

86 days left

Hey so today is Transferes, we got them early today and Elder Gordillo is leaving!!!! I'm staying!!!! I like it here...the area isn't too good but the ppl here are pretty cool!!! My new comp is Elder Villasboas from mato grosso Brasil!! I'm going to kill him this this transfere (kill=end mission) then i die so i've only gots two more transferes i think i'll die here but lets see!! Im happy about this!!

Love Elder Smith

How is your potential investigator?
Well we dont really have him anymore cuz he works alot!! 

What are you going to do today?
Nothing sleep

When are transfers?

Think you'll stay there for the rest of the time?

Get your bank situated?
going tody to see!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

93 days left

hu flungpu 
hahaha thats my username for almost everything!! So this week went by pretty fast which was good cuz NOBODY was at home this whole week!!! Our numbers sucked but it was expected so its all good!! This week we havent had ONE new investigator untill yesterday!! We were knocking doors and i knocked on one HUGE house like it was twice our house and thats HUGE here!!! He came to the door and i did the contact and i asked him if he had 20ish min and he said that we could come in and so we got our first 1st lesson in almost a month.. yea here is hard!! But a side from that our week was good!! 

Love Elder Smith

What is your service opportunity this week?
didnt really have one everyone was traveling

Do you think this might be your last area?
I dont know Pres could take me out on my last Transfer

How are things with your companion going?  Exercising patience everyday?
rough but well we are working a ton and hes going alright Patience every hour...!!! hehee 

Are you near any bodies of water?  Could you go fishing on a pday if you wanted?
Theres a big River here but we cant fish...

Do you think it rains almost everyday there?
This week rained a TON 

What was your favorite teaching experience this week?
that dude that i told about above!!