Monday, August 25, 2014

day 117

So this week has been pretty slow cuz we had interviews with Pres.and Elder M. Santos has been scheduled to go home the 13th of October and thats a whole month after he got here so that would have been 25 months so he asked Pres. if he could go home earlier, and Pres. said he could go home the 4th of Sept. so he's been counting down the days and its been slow... But other then that the week was good. Still working lots with less actives but working with some referels from a sister who is serving in argentina and shes been sending lots to the ward so weve got some to go visit. But other then that work is good!!

Love you all and Love the lord!! 
Elder Smith 


How is the school system there? Are they off right now for summer?  Is it as long?  What's different about it then ours?
They dont have a summer break like we do so they go all through the year but Brasil has lots of holidays and they get most of those off so that works. And they have weird times they have mornings 7 to 11:30 and 12 to 4 and 4:30 to 8 so they can choose what time they want to go to school.

Do you have a branch or ward...I can't remember!
Ward Nova Veneza

Have you had to speak yet? what was your subject?
Nope not yet.

Are there any americans there?
Not in my ward no. But there are 5 other americans in my zone

How often do you eat out?
Eating out here isnt like there we go get a cochina or a salsicha or little things like that.

How often do you eat with Gomez'?
Probably once a week almost

I'll prolly be getting your bday package ready to send around september...would you like to request anything? or just have mula added to your card?
I dont know 

What is the exchange rate there?
$1 dollar is R$2,20 Reals

What is Brazil known for? cotton? (some southern state) cocao beans? (some south american country) pineapple? (hawaii) maple syrup? (canada) potatoes? (idaho) "carn" (iowa)
Soccer... I dont know.

How is your language coming?
Good im starting to talk more in lessons than just bearing my testimony

Do they ever get snow?  Is that a silly question?  Of course not they don't get SNOW...geez.
Nope never snows here. In floriano polis it snows. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

day 110 Cold showers are terrible!

This morning was terrible as I had to take a Flippin cold shower cuz our shower broke and its electric and when it goes out we have to buy a new one!! WORST THING EVER!!!!!!! This week has been a good one we've been teaching M. A.  the lessons for after baptism like the laws and ordinances and stuff like that. But the cool thing this week we had the missionaries from Matão come to our area and we had lots of lessons planned and stuff. Elder M. Santos went to the house of Marco with Elder Bandeira (flag) and the oldest son of that family is anti-religious and he didnt want anything to do with the church but they went over there and taught him almost all the lessons. Its a cool thing. well that was the most interesting thing that happened this week. They have a zoo here in sumaré i think...But this week are interviews with Pres. Canuto and Sister Canuto is going to all the houses and looking at them  to see if they are  clean and nice looking. And if they're not clean i think she takes out R$50 for not being clean and stuff.

who did you teach this week?
what're your service churcy oppoutunites?
Not much nobody ever asks for help! :(
Did YOU make any food and share it?
nope i dont cook
What do you miss about american food?
The good ol McDs 
They are pretty advanced right? like they have everything like washers and dryers and stuff? 
yup they are just as advanced as us just not as big as machines ill send a pic of ours. 

 Does anyone recognize him, if you're from my ward?  He used to live in our ward and he was funny old man who would take any acting job that the church offered. This is a missionary movie that all three of the boys would show...Christian said..."yep, I saw him everyday!"  Jensen just chuckled when he saw this.  Funny!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 103 the waters of baptism

So this week i got my first baptism. His name is M. A. This family is a special family the whole family was baptized except him and his dad and all of them were inactive for about 2 years and we ran into the mom and the supermarket and she told us to come to her house that day and when we went and the whole family was there and we just talked about them and how they were and we asked who is baptized and everyone went i am, i am and when it was M. A. turn he said "why is every one baptized and not me?? I want to be baptized!!!" Really funny in the moment. He was baptized saturday and confirmed on sunday.
The rest of the week was pretty chill. 

signing off is Elder Smith
did you like the doggie story about him eating all the strobt waffles?  
Yea that made me laugh lots!! Silly Puppy
fav food this week?
We had noodles with some chicken and some sauce stuff that was real good
service this week?
Service this week was just a lunch apointment who had forgotten and was making stuff and the dad was doing some digging and we grabed some shovels and dugg pretty lame but t'was service

Monday, August 4, 2014

day 96 I'm a beaner now!

Why am i a Beaner you ask...? Because in america Beaners are mexicans right? So why are mexicans called that? Cuz they eat lots of beans!! haha So im now considered a Beaner cuz i eat rice and beans every day!!

I told you, you would have a good time up there. (referring to my yw camp experience) When you said pot guts it reminded me alot about scofield!!! I think i might want to go back there after the mish...
So we have this family that we are teaching, they are members already but havent been to church in a 2 years and we have been teaching them and we found out that the youngest soon Marco Antonio isnt baptized so we've been teaching him and he is getting baptized this saturday!!!!!!!!!

So now we are only working with reactivations because Pres. promised us that would find more baptizms then we would with investigators so we start working with the less actives. In my area we are trying to get reactivation cuz we have plans to build a new chapel for the ward and we need to have an attendance of 150 before we can start construction on it

what are your plans for today?
Well today is zone P-day so we are going to villa flora for that and a member is bringing a Churrascara for us all. 

tell me about an investigator or inactive member?
tell me about the area you're you love it?  is it by any bodies of water?
My area is all land i dont have any water with in sight. Its a small area compared to others.

Are you sunburned? or it doesn't get hot like that?
Nope its not the "hot" season yet

Are there any other people there from other countries?
Not that i know of yet...?

Would you like to live there permanently?
NOPE!! Maybe for a month but not permanently