Monday, May 25, 2015

340 days left

I am bad and thats good. I will never be good and thats not bad, there's no one i'd rather be then me. Name that movie!!!

So this week was a good one, we are working real hard and we are getting lots of results!! This week was a lot of me and Elder Queiroz cuz the assistants went to do splits with the ZLs so we stayed Mon-Fri together we did lots of contacts in the park of the bus station but maybe 2 out of 10 are in our area so that sucks for us cuz we do all the work and the other missionarys get the Baptism, but ohh well!! So this week we have one baptism marked for this Saturday. His name is Djulho and is 10 years old and his G-ma got baptised last saturday and he was there with us for all the lessons and so he wanted to get baptised as well so we marked for him this week and we talked to his parents and they said thats alright!!! So this week we got one then next week will be another and the week after that will be a weekly baptising here in Piracicaba!!! The work is hard but the results are worth it!!! I still HATE waking up at 6:30 i dispise it!!!!! And doing excersises with out stuff to do just jump around is not me!!! I need to go out and do somthing!! But i just "stretch" in my bed untill its my turn to take a shower! KKKK Yea so the Portuguese from here is like the English from the states and the Portuguese from Portugal is like English from England but we will for sure be able to understand one another. and its Tudo Bem. Well thats this week 

Love Elder Smith

what you going to do today?
Prolly go kick the ball around at out complex idk

Best thing about your companion?
He helps me be a better missionary. And he walks faster then satan on sunday!!

Have you been comps yet with Walstir's nephew?
Almost every day! We are comps when the APs have office stuff to do!

I asked some questions in an email you said you didn't get so (right after mother's day...when we talked on skype) try to send them in here...just basically this question...
Write the things you wanted again?  Creamy or chunky peanut butter?
I want both and the recipe to make Moose poops and BBQ prigles, peanut butter m&ms, tootsie rolls,and Mini Book of mormons like 5, a couple CTR rings the little green ones,

Monday, May 18, 2015

347 days left

So this week we had a BAPTISM!!!!!! Her name is Maria shes about 50 years old and shes really elect we have been teaching her ever since i got here and she is super cool shes a cook in her own house and she always gives us something to eat when we go over there. She is super sweet!! We have some AMAZING investigators that are progressing a ton!!! Viviane and Augusto are a family with three kids and we try to teack them at the same time as the mom and dad but they are too much into the world to care about God or Jesus Christ or anything else. So we're working on them and trying to mark a wedding date for them cuz they need to get married first so that they can get baptised. We are super happy here and are all getting along just great!! I love it here!!!

Love Elder Smith

What is different so far that you've noticed? from your other areas..or companions?
Here is a lot more dedicated to the work and alot more focused on the rules and so we are really seening the results of our obidience!! Super cool!!

What have you learned to appreciate?  
The chance to sit down and just relax!! Cuz Elder NIxon Basiclly runs when we walk and im a short fat dude with little legs so i have to keep telling him to slow down the boosters!!! But hopefully ill loose more weight this way...

Do you have a favorite scripture now?
I love 1 nephi 13:22 haha jk but i dont know yet there are so many to choose from 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

355 days LEFT Mother's day

Skyping with Tyler. Tyler has now been transferred to the main city Piracicaba...and he is companions with the AP (assistant to the President).  The AP's both have companions who are not APs so when they have office work to do they will be companions.  Pictures is the other AP's companion.  This is significant because he is Walstir Fonseca's nephew (her brother's son) who is from Rio de Janiero.  That was some fun news!

Monday, May 4, 2015

361 days LEFT

TRANSFERES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHHHOOOOO im outa here this Deep Dark hole of Pinhal!!! Imma be going to Piracicaba to be companions to Elder Nixon THE ASSISTANT but im not assistant just his comp.So Mothes Day I will try to call about 7 my time and 4 your time. So this next transfer will be prolly one of my best transfers. I'm going to be at Presidents side for six whole weeks!!! or more who knows!! I'm just so excited to get out of here cuz here is all drama and apostasy!!!!!! But this week passed by real fast we watched Passion of Christ real good movie!!! Other than that it was a good week!!! 

P.S. I was thinking this week about home and i thought when we eat beans there have lots of farts but now that i eat Rice and Beans EVERY FLIPPEN DAY i rarely boof. But when i do they are RANK!!!!!! haha just a fun little fact for yous.
Pic: Burning my old G's and an old shirt. ( was just black)
Love Elder Smith

​I met some people this weekend while helping with Megan Edwards wedding...Julia Black? she said she knew you.  Know her?​
Yup i sure do!!!

What did you do to celebrate  your one year mark?
I burned one of my shirts that was all holy 

How are your possible converts?
So we dont really have any.

Is your ward doing small baby steps to getting along. 
We found out the problem here and its one lady that is always looking to destroy others. 

Did you have a little party or anything on thursday? (one year mark)
Nope not really no one had money!!!

Jensen and I spent hours one day perusing through DI for "provo rocks" shirts.  They are tshirts given away one time at concerts performed in provo.  They all have cool animals dressed to resemble humans.  Once they're gone, they're gone.  I sent Tyler his reindeer one for Christmas and he requested many more.  So, we went on a journey to find more.  These are the results.  Didn't know he'd give them away to his companions...thought he would give them away to members or investigators...:)