Monday, June 29, 2015

305 days left

I knew that Nathan was getting married before you did...nener Elder Queiroz told me the week he got home but i havent seen a pic yet but thats fun that Sandy's going on a mission!! Anthony's already going out wow thats fun!!!

But for reals now it was a good week we marked a wedding that we are going to do on next Friday the 10th then after that we have a BAPTISM on the next day the 11th!!! WOOOHOOO his name is Osvaldo. His soon to be wife is a member and has been inactive for some time. We met her doing some contacts in the street and she said ohh im baptised in this church and we said cool can we come and visit you some day?? She replied "yes" But i never really think much of it cuz most of the inactive peeps are inactive for a reason and i thought that she would never call us but she ended up calling us and we ended up going to her house and teaching her and her soon to be husband and now they are going to get married this next saturday!!! 

We also have another couple that needs to get married!!  Camila and Washington. she is the neice of a recent convert and we are teaching them in their house!! Washington is a Funk DJ so we need to get him a new job. They both want to get baptized and together so we are trying to get this together as much as possible so we can make this baptism happen and one more happy family brought back to the lord!! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

312 days left

Hey guys so this week was transfers but i didnt get transfered. Elder Queiroz went to Botucatu im my same area that i was so he'll get to meet the same peps that i know. Elder Conceção went to Hortolandia and Elder Souza and Silveira came here so we got to train them in the area so that'll be fun...not! We had a Baptism this past Friday!!! Her name is Marcia shes a friend of our RC and shes like 50 years old but she does some things that a 50 year old ladie shouldnt do, but now shes baptised and she can start all over again so thats good!! This week we might have another but it'll count for the sisters in the 4th ward but im still going to count if as mine!!! We need to get a bigger teaching group!! We've either baptised or droped most of our peeps that we're teaching so we gots to find lots more cuz we are running out of people to teach!!!! This week we have interviews with Pres. on Wednesday!! He started a new thing that if we get a certain amount of numbers in all the things we get to eat lunch with him at his house, and eat Sister Canutos food!! She cooks soo good!!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

319 days left

So this week was a good one we are really working hard to get done what we need to! Its been hard but not difficult cuz we are really seeing our fruits of our work and we have been collecting the good fruit we get!! This week we have Marcia to be baptised on Friday at 8 at night cuz thats like the only time she can do it!! She is a story teller and she likes to talk all about her past life!! I just want to tell her that when she is baptised she doesnt have to remember all the things in her past cuz everytime i go over there she tells us about a 20 min history of her life. I almost always loose my pacience. Then we have lots of others that we are teaching that are pretty cool!!

Love Elder Smith

Do you eat at member's houses all the time?
Everyday it'll be like this the rest of my mission

Do you ever eat with the President?
Nope hes always out of town or doesnt have time idk...

While we were in Snohomish with Fifes...we saw missionaries walking down the road...we rolled down our windows and waved profusely...ever get that? like utah missionaries are so bored of people waving at them...they're in a constant princess parade wave....:)
Yea here we get lots of "Hi Elders" mostly from other wards

Got any questions for me?
How many chickens do you have now??

Do you know I love you so much?
Yup i does

Monday, June 8, 2015

326 days left

This week was a good week. We had 2 BAPTISMS woohhooo!! Djulio and Jhonatá. Djulio is the Grandson of maria that we baptised three weeks ago and DJ's mom also wants to get dunked but she needs to first get married or dump her BF so thats going to be a thing we need to see and also shes not in our area!! Thats the biggest thing that i hate about small areas with other areas around us cuz we have to pass all of them we cant baptise them cuz they arent in our area!! Thats the only sucky thing about small areas. So we are going to need to pass the referrels to the other Elders. Jhonatá is a family that we did a contact with about three weeks ago and we marked a date for the family but the mom and dad arent married so we need to get them married but they told us that they want to stay in their religion, but thats not really what they want to do. I know that they want to get baptised they just dont want to admit that the recived an answer that they need to get baptised! But we aren't going to give up on them we will keep going there and giving them the lessons and they are going to be baptised before i leave this area!!!! This week we have one Baptism, his name is Nagib, 25 and is maria's friend that lives at her house and then the week to come is Marcia who also lives with maria. But this is an amazing area and i can say now that here is now my FAV area!! We are doing lots here!!! I am going to do a fast for Aunt Sheryl next week! Love you guys!!!

 Do you get to baptize any?
I baptized Jhonatá

Elder Nixon and Elder Smith

Monday, June 1, 2015

333 days left

"This is called farming! You kids are gonna grow all kinds of plants. Vegetable plants, pizza plants... Oh, it's good to be home!"
Hey sup peeps how y'all doing? I'm doing fine kinda SUPER TRUNKY!!!! Only 10 months till i can come home!!!! We are doing good work here we have Two Baptisms lined up for this Friday and then the next week we have two others planed so hopefully these two weeks can go through well!! This week has been a good one!! We got Djulio and Jonatan that are going to baptise w/out a doubt so thats a good thing!! This is a good area dont have much to say but life is a good one on the mission i got a quote "life isnt measured by the number of Breaths we take but by the moments that take our Breath away!!

Love you guys!!!!