Wednesday, May 28, 2014

day 28

Way to go for T-Webb!!!  (a nice boy in our ward that got called the Philippines, Angeles mission) Thats super exciting about Grant and Brandon (both friends who just got their call and are going to the same exact Peru mission on the same day). Grant emailed me about it and i said hes going to a spanish speaking in general so that counts.
This week has been a really good one. Not much has changed but ive improved so much with the language and its getting easier and eaiser as we go. Today we went to the sau paulo temple. Its so small compaired to provo!! But the celestial room is BEAUTIFUL!! Lots of motorcycles and scooters here, they dont care about the street rules they just go in between the cars and busses! Its so crazy. I prolly wont be able to send pics till i get out but once i do get out ill send a bunch!! Not a whole lot has happened that is exciting enough to write about but once i get out ill have alot more to say!!
Is being at the CTM SOOO different than being at the MTC?
No not a whole lot just the language is different, better food, and you get to go out on the street on your p-day!! thats what we did today and just got back from. I got some cheap sandles that are really nice! We went to a bakery and we ait some coxinas and they were sooooo good. Dad i want you to go to Braza ezpress and order two of them!! Take scott and all your buddies!!

Better? Harder?
The work is a little harder only cuz the language and speaking it ALL THE TIME is soo hard!!
And all they alow us to play for gym is vollie or basquete. and im getting so good at vollie (volleyball)

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