Wednesday, June 4, 2014

day 35 Frongo Coxina

Well its my last week here at the CTM and i vai imbora (leave) on Terca-fera. My Portuguese is coming along great im at the point where i can carry on a long conversation for at least 5-10 min if they dont talk fast!! Ive met about 8 other Brazileros going to Piracicaba. All the Brazillians are super nice and they dont know how really to be mean. I met a teacher here that was on a mission with George Stewart, he asked me de onde voce e and i said provo and he asked "do you know him and i said my brother played soccer with him!! he speaks really good english, all the teachers here speak or at least understand english but they say they dont. But thats all i can think of right now!
I love you all and i cant wait to get out and serve the "rednecks of brazil" I cant wait to get out of the CTM.
Love Elder Smith

where are your companions from?
Still the same comps but one new one from New Zealand
and the other two are from sandy and south jordan utah

what are you going to do for you pday today?
Today we went to a bakery and we got some coxinas. and we went shopping alot and got some cool stuff.
we might go back out later and find a guy who makes scripture cases out of leather, pretty cool.

have you met some nice people?
Yea all the people here in brazil are super nice and really cool!

had any cool experiences yet? spiritual ones?
After every devotional we go back to our rooms and we talk about what we took notes on and what we felt from the spirit and just what ever we felt like really...but everytime we have those the spirit is sooo strong in the room. We do it with the other districts in our zone here in the MTC.

while you're in the field, you have service you there in the ctm as well?
Here we have service time once a week and we just do odd jobs that the cleaning ladies dont want to do, like sweep the stairs and mop the floors and random stuff like that

teach us some brazilly words...
well the title is an new one...I cant think of any right now...

I'm getting ready to send you a package...any requests..not too big..I think sending to brazil is going to be tougher than philippines...
i dont have any at this point but thanks.. and when you send it make sure you put a picture of The Virgin Mary on the top so the workers dont steal anything!!!

Next week is the wold cup...notice anything different about the people there?  more crazy? excited?
no the people in this part of Sau Paulo arent as big into soccer becouse its mostly shops and retail around here but in other parts there are alot more riots and people preping for it. I leave on tuesday and im super excited to get out and start actually putting all this work into action!

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