Monday, October 20, 2014

day 173

I'm having fun here in Araras theres alot of cool things to do here and lots of awesome opportunities for teaching. We arent really doing much now only cuz we are just now getting ajusted and stuff like that! but we didnt really do much this week.
Thats about it...

Peace Elder Smith

What is the new city like?  more farmy? or more citylike?
i live in the middle of the city and its lots of cities and junk

What is the favoriteist city to be called to?  
São Juão de Boa Vista cuz its the nicest area to go play in 

Is there a richer area? a poorer area?
Here there is and thats the other Elders' area so i get the poor areas...

Do you ever go sightseeing on your pdays?  See anything really special in brazil?
We might go today on the way to the church to kick around

where is your new companion from?

Elder Jiménez

How long out?
7 months

Are there any cars on your mission? except perhaps in the mission home?

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