Monday, October 6, 2014

day 159 Conference Week!

Howdy Y'all 
so this week went by super fast i dont even remember what really happened but ill try my best to remember some things!
The talk about "Which way do you face" was one of my Favs too! Lynn G. Robbins
This week we got a "Familia de OURO" a Golden Family!! Their names are pretty cool Kilnaiany, Kilciany, Kiuany Francisco and the mom i dont remember her name...

But tomorrow we have a lesson marked with them and we are going to mark a date for their Baptism!!!! But the sad part is, is that they havent been to church yet and they have to go at least once to be Baptised and this coming week is transfere week and im pretty sure im going to be leaving and going somewhere else so i wont be able to see them get baptised soo sad ;( 

I got to watch Confrence in English and Portugese too but other then that not much else happened!!
Love Elder Smith

Did you get to watch conference live?  Did you get to hear the portuguese guy talk?  Don't you think that's awesome that they're talking in their own languages?  I thought it was pretty cool...
Yea i did and it was in English for me and the other American Elders and whoever else wanted to watch in English!

Picture questions:
why Elder Marquies? what's special?
Cuz he and i are just buds dont know why i sent that
Why Elder Pearce?  what's special?
He was the first American i met here in the mish
Why Elder Meira?  what's special?
He was a good friend when he was here and he got transfered
I see you have a picture of Elder Bandiera (he's your bestie right?) but where are you and what are you drinking? (pink drink)
We were doing splits and at my house and drinking a milk shake we made from frozen milk and Toddy whick is a chocolate powder mix

And the fence picture?  what's special?  or why you take dat picture?
cuz we were going to lunch and we got lost and we had to go throught the fence
There is a picture of a smaller group of missionaries (most of them are sisters!) where are you?
This was at the Mission Tour with Elder Antunes of the 70's
And I LOVE your sweet smile, you're sooo guapo!  I love the picture of all the that your whole zone?
No thats Mission Tour and its three different zones same with the question above
What's happening with the Sumare sign?  Just to show where you are?
No thats the border between my Mission and Campinas Mission
And the group of fuzzy (picture is quite blurry) elders, where are you, why are you there? etc.
We were at the house of Matão doing splits
Oh and you said that you sent a video or a couple videos..don't see them yet.
I'll try and send them tonigh with Fran
Are most things that you buy in the store in English?
Nopers most thing are in portugese Even the OREOS

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