Monday, December 15, 2014

day 229

Hey Y'all how goes things there in the cold Utah jk i heard it wasnt too cold this past week but its still colder then here. Its flippen hot here its going to get even hotter here in a little bit like in January it'll get up to 45 degrees celcius so the winter months that you have will be the hottest months here so be lucky that you have the cold!! I hate sweating like a beast everyday. Its the worst!! 

But Jens HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YOU my brother!!! 

I want to go to Gmas house with y'all. 

Thats cool i miss our Christmas tradition of tipping the waitress alot of mula!!! 

I just sent the package today it'll prolly get to you in 6 weeks or so. 

Yea the fact that im here right now and not in the states is increível!! Im thankfull for the BOM cuz i finished it for the first time yesterday and then i went to my room and prayed and within about 5 min i got a response of its truthfulness!! Its amazing the things that the BOM can do for us in our times of need! If you need help look to the Scriptures and you will always have an answere!! Thats the cool thing about this church, there are always answeres tied to everything you have to ask!! I love this gospel and all the plans that Heavenly Father has for us!! 

Love you guys!!

#The Book Is Blue 
  The Church is True
  And Jesus Is a Mormon

With Love Elder Smith

do they have three kings day (like the shoe thing? hispanics do? 

Who has been your favorite companion so far?
My first one out in the mission field

Do you have plans for us for Christmas? skyping? or just phone? 
Yup so ill be skyping on the 25th at  my moms house and then to another members house to eat some good 

I guess this is the last week before C hristmas to get the package I sent to you.  Sorry it'll probably be late.
I'm okay with a late package!!  

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