Monday, December 29, 2014

day 243 It's about 85 degrees here!

So like the title says its flippen hot here and i sweat about every minute so i dont know how i havent lost about 30 LBS just from that but whatever. This week was just so fast and went like a blur so i dont really know what to say. We went to alot of peoples houses and most of our plans fell but we went to some other houses and got some good lessons from this so that was good! So the BIG shakeup with the mission has yet to be revealed to me so i dont know why! But thats about it that i can remember so love you all and have a good week!!

Love Elder Smith


Just so I can have it written down in an email and not have to rely on my memory...Elder N. Pearce? or Pierce? Your companion is from? He's been out how many months? And he's been there for 6 transfers?  How old is he?
Its Elder N. Pearce from Tennesse out a year and 4 been here for 3 transfers 19

Are you glad to be transferred? or sad?
its whatever

Since it was an emergency transfer...did you get to say goodbye to everyone you wanted?
sortof but not really 

Do you like your new companion? (not going on the blog)

Do you like having an American companion? Isn't this your first? besides the mtc ones...
Yep its nice

Does that member that let you skype have a family?
Yup three kids

Favorite area so far?
Nova Veneza

Did you eat anything special on Christmas?
Nope not really 

When you say you sometimes shorten it just to obri?  When that member handed you the chocolate milk, I thought I heard only obri...but perhaps you said that whole thing but the last part of the word fell off and I couldn't hear it.
Say the whole thing

If you could describe the Brazilian people in one word or a couple words...what would that be?

 Atop the highest point in Botucatu
Singing in the park!

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