Monday, January 19, 2015

day 264

Hey so this week was a lot of ups and downs...not the mental sense but in the literal sense (pic) (no pic was attached) I miss all the soccer things and stuff and going to the tournaments of the such!  we went to a new reference from the ward and they are super cool from the Bahia and we might mark a date for them  for the next week if they go to church!! This week was alright my comp is pretty cool cuz we just get along really well!! I love the work and all the people but we all move forward!! Love you guys

Do you ever feel like a meeting or talk is just for you?
Yea, almost every missionary meeting!!

Getting more familiar with your big city?
Yea kinda but still don't like the big hills.

Any new investigators?
Yea like all of them cuz the old ones are slacking with the church thing.

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