Monday, January 26, 2015

day 271 JW are the enemy

Hey guys so this week was a fun one we had some fun encounters with the Jehovah's witness's this week and we just said hi and they asked us if we wanted any of their little book thingys and we looked and they had a question on a little board thingy and it said "Where did we come from?" Elder N. Pearce then asked if they had an answere for it and they pull out a little magazine and they give it to us and they ask a question and it all started from there!!! We then went home to eat lunch cuz we had money for lunch and we told the other Elders that were at home what had happened and they thought it was pretty cool so they wanted to do it too and so on friday they went out and it was some other people but it was pretty fun to hear what they have to say even though its wrong. But whatever!! 

Now we got multi-zone and that should be fun but thats most about what i did this week so yea!!

Love Elder Smith

How is your tooth?
Better i went the dentist and they re-did my tooth and all and its all better
How are your investigators progressing?  what're their names?
They are going good we are going to do some dates this week and baptise them 
Best thing this week?
Prolly the JW thing
today the temperature was a nice 50*..unheard of for january...Is the weather cooling up yet?
nope not yet its still pretty hot here
Do you sleep good?  Is your bed comfy?
Yea my Bed is pretty nice i get a fan all to myself

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