Monday, May 18, 2015

347 days left

So this week we had a BAPTISM!!!!!! Her name is Maria shes about 50 years old and shes really elect we have been teaching her ever since i got here and she is super cool shes a cook in her own house and she always gives us something to eat when we go over there. She is super sweet!! We have some AMAZING investigators that are progressing a ton!!! Viviane and Augusto are a family with three kids and we try to teack them at the same time as the mom and dad but they are too much into the world to care about God or Jesus Christ or anything else. So we're working on them and trying to mark a wedding date for them cuz they need to get married first so that they can get baptised. We are super happy here and are all getting along just great!! I love it here!!!

Love Elder Smith

What is different so far that you've noticed? from your other areas..or companions?
Here is a lot more dedicated to the work and alot more focused on the rules and so we are really seening the results of our obidience!! Super cool!!

What have you learned to appreciate?  
The chance to sit down and just relax!! Cuz Elder NIxon Basiclly runs when we walk and im a short fat dude with little legs so i have to keep telling him to slow down the boosters!!! But hopefully ill loose more weight this way...

Do you have a favorite scripture now?
I love 1 nephi 13:22 haha jk but i dont know yet there are so many to choose from 

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