Monday, September 14, 2015

228 days left

Hey fam so this week was a normal first week of the transfers not 100% productive in everything but we are just getting used to the rhythm here and how we are going to work together and stuff like that. So we are doing lots of doors cuz the area was closed last transfer so we dont know much about the area. But the ward is great and stuff like that!!!
Just chuggin along!!
Love Elder Smith

Have you gotten to see or visit with people you already knew in your new area?
Not yet i might go this week or the next week.

How's your new companion?
Hes super cool i think this transfer will be a good one

Where's he from?
Crato Ceará 

Do you miss piracicaba? The people? Companions?
Just the people that we were teaching!!

Is it a couple hour drive? How long? By bus?
About two and a half by bus an hour by car.

Did you already get the quilt?
Idk not yet

How are you going to give it to them? Now that you're transferred.
Ill ask the Elders in the office to give it to them!

If a Brazilian elder gets called to Brazil...are they happy? Or is it the same if you were to be called to salt lake...or Idaho?
Yea basiclly that most of them didnt want to serve in SP but they all say where the lord sends me ill go!!

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