Wednesday, September 9, 2015

233 days left Transferred!

Hey folks so this week is TRANSFER WEEK!!!!!!! YUP thats right i left i got transferred to you'll never guess where!!!!!!!! SUMARÈ woohhoo im back in my first zone that i started, im in sumare center. I left Piracicaba and am now in my old zone!! We had some really good people in Pira but the lord needs me in another area to help the people here!! My new comp is Elder Vieira, he is also from the north from Ceará and we are opening the area cuz the other two that were here got transferred so yea... but super fun and excited to get back to work and teach the people of sumaré again!! WOOOHHOOO

Ohh and i might need to buy a new camera i think i lost mine!!! :( 

Love Elder Smith

When are transfers?

Did you give away all ctr rings?
Yup every single one!!!

Fav meal this week?
Italian dish that the relief society secretary made on sunday was super good!!!!

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