Monday, September 29, 2014

day 152

Hey Y'all,
Thats pretty crazy about the Earth Quake!!  (Brian and I went to Alaska for a week and had a little shake up while in the hotel 6.2er) When i get back i want to be a tour bus driver for the tour of alaska for the reason of the scenery and the money i heard they make BANK.
So this week was pretty good,
Monday we didnt really do anything,

Tuesday we had another set of missionaries come to our area so we had to go to their house and help them set up all their stuff cuz its a brand new house and all brand new stuff so we helped them with that.

Wednesday we had District meeting and we went to that, then on the way to the buses a ladies car had broken in the middle of the road and we stopped and helped her with that and luckily Elder Rosa is a mechanic so he knew what to do we were there for about an hour fixing this car in the middle of the road and i didnt know anything about what had happened so i just directed traffic. Boy are these drivers thick headed they dont pay attention to signs telling them the roads closed, so after about an hour of working in the hot 90 degree weather, the ice cream shop that we were close to offered us to wash our hands and then when we were all done they offered us some ice cream FREE!!! You dont know how greatfull i was for that!!! It was so flippen hot!!

Thursday we went to the new Elders' area and make the split of our area and theirs so that was that.

Friday Work Work Work

Saturday "       "       " 

Sunday    "      "       "

Today prolly nothin
I sent two pics and one video of my district and the other is some soulution for my contacts thats really good it makes my lens' super soft after almost like new!! The video is Irmão Nicasio (Boi) He is super cool and we spend almost three hours there just listening to him talk and answering questions about stuff and hes just super cool
Thats pretty much it so tchau for now until next week!!
Elder Smith (aka) Joseph

In Hawaii, when we went, they had something called malasadas (little doughy, donuty things, they can have cream inside them too).  They said they were portuguese, but I wondered if they possibly had them there...I know it's not portugal but perhaps??  I absolutely loved them...I would go back JUST for those.  Pretty sure you would love them too.
I just asked my comp and he has no idea what it is...?

What was great about this week?
The free Ice Cream

Favorite part in the book of mormon?
The part of Alma of all the wars

Favorite food?
The lasagna here they put in some other stuff then we do!!

Name two things you're grateful for?  I'm grateful for you!
E-mails from amazing people and for Patience.

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