Monday, February 2, 2015

day 278 I held a turkey!

So this week was pretty fun we were doing a bunch of contacts in the street one day and we were just about to go home and someone pulls up beside us and yells ELDERS!!!!! We got up to his car and we asked his name and stuff and his name is Anavé (Anaway) cool name and we asked "You a member??" he responded "used to be" and then he invited us to his house the next day and we got his address and everything and we went there and its a big pink house and we think ohh its like a summer home or somthing like that...and we knock on the door and he answeres and he says welcome to my home and then we get attacked by 14 dogs i kid you not!!! Hes got pit bulls, dalmations, bassot hounds and some other pretty expensive dogs!! Hes got a pig thats pretty big and hes got a turkey and a buttload of other types of birds!! He basically lives in a mansion!! He made some brownies for us and other stuff but hes way cool and are going to work with him and get him back in the nest. I got a new comp his name is Elder Picardo from Parker, Colorado and hes pretty cool N. Pearce went to Limera as a Zone Leader. But thats about it for this week.

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