Monday, August 31, 2015

242 days left

So this week has passed by super super fast we have worked lots in Alvorada a neighborhood the farthest one away from us. Its a really white area where its really ready to harvest. We have another family that we are teaching that doesnt have a religion but is "kinda" searching for one so we were the first ones to get to them (take that JWs). We also have a couple youth (18, 19) that went to church on sunday and liked it alot and we marked with them for wednesday to go and teach them so hopefully they will get dunked but we'll see... HOLY WOWOWOWOW Rachel (Gardiner spoke in sacrament meeting) is already 12 wow thats fast!!!!!! wow im old!! 
Yesterday i completed a year and FOUR months with only 7 to go!!! But the mission is a good thing that will help for the rest of my life!!!

Love Elder Smith

What you gonna do today?
Clean the house cuz its a mess!!!!

How is your family progressing?
The one we found a while ago is starting to slack on going to church and the W.O.W so we go there every now and again to give a lesson but we are focussing on this new family that needs to get married!!

I sent the quilt along...get the other package yet?
Thats neet i got the package a while ago just forgot to say so... woops

Got any pictures to send me? I don't think we have one of your companion or your fake companion.
I havent taken a pic with my REAL comp cuz we hardly have time together

One thing you love about your companion...either one...
Super good at teaching

Have you been collecting good food recipes from people? So you'll have a collection and can cook them or I can? How bout those cheese balls?
Not yet but ill get on that!!!

Hey so this monday i wont be able to get on cuz we have a rule here that all the holidays we have to leave the house at 8 AM and this monday just happens to be a holliday its Brazils independence day so we have to work it instead of celerbrate but on wednesday will be our p-day for this week then it goes back to normal! I dont like it but its what Pres said to do so we gots to do it!! 😵😒

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