Monday, November 23, 2015

158 days left

 I missed writing him so this is a week later.  We flew in from Florida super late and slept way past the time to get up.
questions: #1
What is your favorite cereal?
idk cinnemen toast crunch
Do you happen to know the address of the Moraes?
Could you take a picture with a elf hat or santa hat on again with your companion?  I think I'd like to make a Christmas card this year.  And send it asap?
ill get right on that
​What did you find out when you were searching our ancestors?​
how to do FH work
You going to try and celebrate thanksgiving? Or is it just another day?
prolly just going to be another day

questions: #2
The picture that was sent to me over "whatsapp" of you doing some family names...I returned a picture of us on a tour bus...did you get that?
yup, she showed it to me
What did you get with your birthday money?
some new pants and lots of unnessesary stuff like food...

Picture questions: #3
I'm assuming you took a picture of you standing in front of your apartments?
in front no...
Also you took a picture of money, just to show Brailian money? or why is that special?  It is cool to see it...and I'm glad to see but just want to make sure.  
just to show it to you guys
What is the lady's name who made you birthday cake name?
We did a birthday party together so she hafd already baught the cake... Cintia
And did you have several celebrations? Or is the lady and Junior related somehow?
nope just those two...


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