Monday, November 9, 2015

172 days left

Hey so as of saturday i'm a legal ADULT it comes with new responsabilities and stuff and brings on a NEW Drivers licence hahsahahahahaha!!!! Im sending some pics from my B-Day and on Sunday when we ait lunch with Cintia, me and her are one day apart and a few years but we celebrated our B-days together so that was fun!!! This week went by super fast!! We did a bunch in Vila Soma and i met a new dude that had a dream to meet an Ameircan... i helped him with his dream and then i talked to him in English a little via WhatsApp cuz he lives in another state called Maranhão and we talked a little!! 

Love Elder Smith

We didnt do much for my B-day just Give English class and work!! We had a cake in English class!! fun times!!!
Answer your bday questions.
Do they have a thanksgiving day holiday?
Nope not like we do...
How do you say merry Christmas?
Feliz Natal
What you gonna get you for your bday?
IDK Prolly some Jerseys from Brazil!! 

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