Monday, November 30, 2015

151 days left TRANSFERED!

Hey guys so guess what!?!?!?!?! idk ahhahahahahaha gotcha hahaha well i guess i should tell ya but lets let the suspences arise and wait the wait!!!! This week passed by SUPER fast and super lame. We didnt do much but eat lunch and knock doors this week we did a BUTT LOAD of doors!!! It was fun though cuz we have a new system to do for doors!! I'll send the 4 questions to you at the end!! But now the moment everyones been waiting for....................I WENT TO PIRACICABA 2A!!!!! I'll be in a trio with the Zone leaders!!! I dont know how well i like that but we'll see!!!

The 4 questions
1. Have any religion?
2. Working on Sunday?
3. Are you married ?
 4. Can we teach you today?
Elder Smith with his companions and Virgilio Moraes.  Love that guy!

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