Monday, January 18, 2016

79 days left

Yup so this week was pretty much comp has a way of working and mine is another way and i DONT like the way he works at ALL so i guess we will have to co-operate with the way we work so thats okay!! This week was SUPER rainy LOTS AND LOTS OF RAIN almost everyday we walked in wet shoes so today i dicided to use my black toe shoes today!! About a month ago i sent in my application for Scofeild and i told them that i wont be home till april and they emailed me and asked if i could do an interview on the 20th of Febuary and i told him that i was on the mission so lets see how that goes!!! But other then that i am giving my last testimony on Thursday on the multi-zone so thats kinda nerve wrecking!! Thats kinda it for this week!

Look up Rio De Piracicaba and look what happened to our city 

Love Elder Smith

You've been with your new companion for a week's he been? Do you miss your old one? Where'd he go?
Not like i would like but we'll have to work things out... better cuz he is normal kinda He went to São pedro

Since you're both going home soon do you get any work done? Don't let your focus leave you.
Yea we are working super hard!!!

Service opportunity this week?
None we might move houses cuz ours is super old

Did the piracicaba river flood?

Did you find someone new to teach?

Tell me a funny story. It's ok if you have to think about it...I'll wait. (I meant right then and there...not next week!)

Do you have a good supportive ward? Do you do fun activities with them? Do you just have 1 ward you're in charge of? Or several?
My ward is just one and kinda helpfull if we have ppl at church they help alot but like the work is all us and its just 1 ward

When people die do they do funerals? Have you experienced that? (I asked because in Christian's mission they sort of have a funeral last about a week)
IDK ive never been to a funeral but i would think they are the same as the states!!!

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