Monday, January 25, 2016

71 days left

HEY guys so this week went by SUPER fast it was super cool to see how fast things are going!!! I am getting super trucky because my house mates are going home soon too but im still kicking these door's butts!!!! We are doing lots of hard work!!! We have fun doing it too cuz we have to include some words that we have to say in the contact so it makes it more fun to do them!!! FUUUNNNN for Christian and Jules that'll be cool for the fam Jens your losing Bro get on that marrage thingy... But im looking forward to these last 66 days!!! Its going to be SUPER fun!!!

Love Elder Smith

If there was 1 value that you learned growing up in our family...what was it? I need an answer today. It's for my class.
To not be a cry baby to resolve my problems with the people that i have a problem with first us then go to higher authority!! (mom dad)

How is the flooding?
already gone down a ton!!!!

Are we going to get an itinerary of your flight home yet? It seems like with the other boys we got it already. I can't really remember.
here in a month or so ill get my Death call and then ill let you know!!!

How did your testimony mtg. Go?  I bet it was sad...
i basically cried and so did almost everyone else that was going home!!

How many more weeks before your companion goes home?
29 days 3 weeks today!!!!

What was your service opportunity this week?
We did nothing...

Funny story? Must state one now. You've had a week.
haha well thats gunna be hard today we were playing if you love your neighbor and it was a super fun game we played with the zone!! Kinda lame but its what i can remember...sorry

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