Monday, January 4, 2016

93 days left

hu flungpu 
hahaha thats my username for almost everything!! So this week went by pretty fast which was good cuz NOBODY was at home this whole week!!! Our numbers sucked but it was expected so its all good!! This week we havent had ONE new investigator untill yesterday!! We were knocking doors and i knocked on one HUGE house like it was twice our house and thats HUGE here!!! He came to the door and i did the contact and i asked him if he had 20ish min and he said that we could come in and so we got our first 1st lesson in almost a month.. yea here is hard!! But a side from that our week was good!! 

Love Elder Smith

What is your service opportunity this week?
didnt really have one everyone was traveling

Do you think this might be your last area?
I dont know Pres could take me out on my last Transfer

How are things with your companion going?  Exercising patience everyday?
rough but well we are working a ton and hes going alright Patience every hour...!!! hehee 

Are you near any bodies of water?  Could you go fishing on a pday if you wanted?
Theres a big River here but we cant fish...

Do you think it rains almost everyday there?
This week rained a TON 

What was your favorite teaching experience this week?
that dude that i told about above!!

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