Monday, June 16, 2014

day 47

Hey i just got done shopping for the next couple weeks at a supermarket called goodbom (good good) dont know why thats called that but whatever.

We are at a lan house with about 20 other people just playing games and stuff. Today is the USA game and the member that lives above us invited us to come up and watch!! Fun. This place is soo hot right now im dying!!!! On days of the Brazil games we work till lunch, and have lunch and then we go home to our house and do nothing! But tomorrow we are going to watch it at the members house above us. 

We have a family that we are teaching and theres an old ladie and a guy in his tweenties with a kid and his girlfriend we havent met her yet and they have another house behind theirs and they invited them to come listen and they are all really cool about listening to the message and participating in them. We dont really have any other REAL progressing investigators cuz we are just now opening up this area, but everyone that we contact on the streets are so welcoming and caring to just listen to our message even if it is just 2 min. 

First one is our capella (church building)

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