Monday, June 30, 2014

day 61 click day!

Well this week went by fast with not a whole lot of action so this letter is going to be really short sorry. 
This week we did two splits the first one was with one of the people from my CTM group. hes boliviano and speaks as much portuguese as me but he knows spanish so hes got that head start. Then we didnt really do much the rest of the week. then yesterday we went on another split with members from the ward and i went with a guy named Niulson (niuson) He knows a TINY bit of english and is still learning and he just got back from his mission 6 mths ago and is the only member of his family. 
Thats about all i remember...!
 Love Elder Smith

Do you get along with your companion?  You said you like that he cooks everyday for there anything else?  Is he nice?  Is he a bully?  Can you understand each other?  at all?  Do you have some sort of medium language together?
yea hes just a cool cat. hes nice no bully. He studied english for about two years in college so he understands almost everything i say. and im starting to understand him more and more.

What are your plans for pday today?
Just E-mail and then go back to our area! We went to McDs for lunch today. its not as good as the ones in america but they're trying.

Is that one person who committed to be baptized still on? for this weekend?
nope cuz they have to come to church at least twice.

It's the 4th of July this weekend...when is Brazil's independence day? do you know any history of it?  Who did they get independacized from?
I have no idea about any of that...

Do you get to talk English ever?  
I talk with my comp all the time

How many American elders are there in your district? zone? how many native?  how many from other countries?
there are 4 americans in my zone.and the rest are native.

Are the kids in the kite flying picture members? Or just some kids that live by you? Is that a park that is by your house?  
Nope no members just kids near us. Yup its about 2 min.

Do you have a ward/branch?  How many members?
we have a ward of about 100 people

What is your daily food intake?  your food schedule?
well we eat at 12 normally and then after we finish the day we go home and make a snack.

Got any pictures of your companion?

Got any pictures of you in front of the Sau Paulo Temple?
nope. The CTM people wouldnt let us take our cameras

Got any pictures of your casa?  that's the same as spanish...i looked it up.
haha yea ill send some!!

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