Monday, June 23, 2014

day 54 Que Chiquie

So this week was fun. 
On segunda-fera (monday) after email we went and bought a pipa (Brazilian kite)and went and flew for about 2 hours or so. The brazilian kids have a brincadero (game) they play and you try and cut the other persons pipá, and one of the kids in the picture tried to cut mine, but i bought a string that is really thick and strong and he tried and i didnt even know he was trying to cut me and i cut him not realizing it. After i cut him all the kids around try to go and catch the cut pipá. It was super fun!!

Every Terca-fera (tuesday) we have a zone meeting and we went to that and we played fusbal and i wrecked!!

    Quarta-fera (Wednesday) we had a meeting with a referal and he is really strong in the faith of Assembleia De Deus just some other catholic church. He said he has been waiting for the missionaries for about one year and has not known how to get ahold of them and so we went out and contacted him and we started talking to him about the restoration and after, we asked them to be baptised and HE SAID YES!!!!! So we have a date set for July 5th, and he`s so excited!! And so are we!! 

Nothing really exciting happened on thursday-saturday.
    On Domingo (sunday) we woke up at 7:30 best sleep in yet! Then we went and picked up our pesquisadores (investigators) and then they said they had friends that wanted to come too and we went and picked them up and we went to church! We had standing room only, we had so many people!! In the near future the church has bought an acre of land and are going to build a new capela (church building) but for now were stuck in the little capela we have now! 

But thats all for now!!
Love Elder Smith


What is your companion's name?  What city is he from?  How long has he been out?
My comps name is Elder M. Santos M. because in brazil Santos and Silva are the same as Smith or Johnson. He`s from Recifie and been out 1 year and 9 mths

How are the games there?  
The games are on EVERY t.v. that`s turned on but the Brasil games are CRAZY. Here they are holidays, and so we have to be in casa (house) by 1:30 or 2 cuz the streets are crazy!!

What city are you in again? What kind of area is it?  country-ish? city-ish?
I`m in the city of Sumare residential area so houses everywhere

Are they having "summer" now? I'm assuming so from what all the sports announcers are's super hot and humid...When is the "winter" season?
so right now we`re having the "winter" season which is like 22 degrees celcius 65 degrees ferinhite 

What do you like about your companion?
The best thing about him is that he cooks everyday and its Droga (freaking) good!!

What's your favorite food so far?
Well it`s all kinda the same... but one lady made a corn dessert (picture) that was alright.

Got any special moments to share?
just the baptism thingy that was pretty droga cool!!

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