Monday, August 25, 2014

day 117

So this week has been pretty slow cuz we had interviews with Pres.and Elder M. Santos has been scheduled to go home the 13th of October and thats a whole month after he got here so that would have been 25 months so he asked Pres. if he could go home earlier, and Pres. said he could go home the 4th of Sept. so he's been counting down the days and its been slow... But other then that the week was good. Still working lots with less actives but working with some referels from a sister who is serving in argentina and shes been sending lots to the ward so weve got some to go visit. But other then that work is good!!

Love you all and Love the lord!! 
Elder Smith 


How is the school system there? Are they off right now for summer?  Is it as long?  What's different about it then ours?
They dont have a summer break like we do so they go all through the year but Brasil has lots of holidays and they get most of those off so that works. And they have weird times they have mornings 7 to 11:30 and 12 to 4 and 4:30 to 8 so they can choose what time they want to go to school.

Do you have a branch or ward...I can't remember!
Ward Nova Veneza

Have you had to speak yet? what was your subject?
Nope not yet.

Are there any americans there?
Not in my ward no. But there are 5 other americans in my zone

How often do you eat out?
Eating out here isnt like there we go get a cochina or a salsicha or little things like that.

How often do you eat with Gomez'?
Probably once a week almost

I'll prolly be getting your bday package ready to send around september...would you like to request anything? or just have mula added to your card?
I dont know 

What is the exchange rate there?
$1 dollar is R$2,20 Reals

What is Brazil known for? cotton? (some southern state) cocao beans? (some south american country) pineapple? (hawaii) maple syrup? (canada) potatoes? (idaho) "carn" (iowa)
Soccer... I dont know.

How is your language coming?
Good im starting to talk more in lessons than just bearing my testimony

Do they ever get snow?  Is that a silly question?  Of course not they don't get SNOW...geez.
Nope never snows here. In floriano polis it snows. 

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