Monday, August 18, 2014

day 110 Cold showers are terrible!

This morning was terrible as I had to take a Flippin cold shower cuz our shower broke and its electric and when it goes out we have to buy a new one!! WORST THING EVER!!!!!!! This week has been a good one we've been teaching M. A.  the lessons for after baptism like the laws and ordinances and stuff like that. But the cool thing this week we had the missionaries from Matão come to our area and we had lots of lessons planned and stuff. Elder M. Santos went to the house of Marco with Elder Bandeira (flag) and the oldest son of that family is anti-religious and he didnt want anything to do with the church but they went over there and taught him almost all the lessons. Its a cool thing. well that was the most interesting thing that happened this week. They have a zoo here in sumaré i think...But this week are interviews with Pres. Canuto and Sister Canuto is going to all the houses and looking at them  to see if they are  clean and nice looking. And if they're not clean i think she takes out R$50 for not being clean and stuff.

who did you teach this week?
what're your service churcy oppoutunites?
Not much nobody ever asks for help! :(
Did YOU make any food and share it?
nope i dont cook
What do you miss about american food?
The good ol McDs 
They are pretty advanced right? like they have everything like washers and dryers and stuff? 
yup they are just as advanced as us just not as big as machines ill send a pic of ours. 

 Does anyone recognize him, if you're from my ward?  He used to live in our ward and he was funny old man who would take any acting job that the church offered. This is a missionary movie that all three of the boys would show...Christian said..."yep, I saw him everyday!"  Jensen just chuckled when he saw this.  Funny!

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