Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 103 the waters of baptism

So this week i got my first baptism. His name is M. A. This family is a special family the whole family was baptized except him and his dad and all of them were inactive for about 2 years and we ran into the mom and the supermarket and she told us to come to her house that day and when we went and the whole family was there and we just talked about them and how they were and we asked who is baptized and everyone went i am, i am and when it was M. A. turn he said "why is every one baptized and not me?? I want to be baptized!!!" Really funny in the moment. He was baptized saturday and confirmed on sunday.
The rest of the week was pretty chill. 

signing off is Elder Smith
did you like the doggie story about him eating all the strobt waffles?  
Yea that made me laugh lots!! Silly Puppy
fav food this week?
We had noodles with some chicken and some sauce stuff that was real good
service this week?
Service this week was just a lunch apointment who had forgotten and was making stuff and the dad was doing some digging and we grabed some shovels and dugg pretty lame but t'was service

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