Monday, September 15, 2014

day 138

I found the reason why atlantis sunk!!! Read 3rd nephi 9:4-9 its pretty cool i think. 

(speaking of the Ogden temple dedication that will be happening this Sunday) 
The last temple dedication i went to was the one on the point of the mnt dont remember what that ones called but i went with the youth and it was pretty cool!! 

That is pretty funny that dad beat christian. I never thought id see the day where dad is in those funny water boots but thats awesome!! (Brian and Christian went fly fishing...Brian 1. Christian 0...Delicious Bass 0

Christian i hope your treating my phone well!!!
Well this week was pretty fast but definitely had its slow points we are still trying to get in the rhythm of each other and getting used to everything we do. But its hard when you have a comp that makes fun of you.

This week we are doing splits with the elders from matão and that will be a good change cuz this week ill be with Elder Bandeira (flag in portuguese) its funny cuz we americans call him Elder Flag and its pretty cool. He is my best friend in the zone, so this should be fun!!

Some funny words this week 
papada= double chin

who is the guy who is cooking the hotdogs with Elder M. Santos poking his head in the picture.?
That is Fubeka. His name is Silvane hes really cool. The reason we call him Fubeka is cuz he is the handy man for the mission. so he knows all the missionaries and stuff like that.

Did your people get their package yet?
Nope not yet.

Does it rain alot? 
Hardly ever, in fact we are in a shortage of water.

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