Monday, September 1, 2014

day 124

Thats cool that Christian has friends haha jk. (Christian invited over a friend to watch the BYU game over the weekend) I dont remember where west mountain is but im sure it was a blast to go to the chicken place and not go and see the chickens, but i think i have heard about the buffalo farm. The onion days man payson has all the flippin festavals and stuff. well i cant really think much right now but the week was good we went to Piracicaba for Elder M. Santos to have lunch with the Pres. and it sucked cuz i had to stay in the office and do NOTHING from 9 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon but whatever... So today are transfers and im getting a new comp Elder Dont remember his name but tomorrow we have to go and pick him up in Piricicaba so will be another long day.
Love you all Elder Smith


are you getting ready to send your companion home? saying goodbye to everyone?
Elder M. Santos is going home on wednesday. We are having the Elders from Matao coming over for the burning of him.

I'm assuming you're going to stay there and help the new guy that comes right?  Are you looking forward to a new companion?  some sort of change?
Yea its going to be wierd not having a comp that can understand English. But its really going to help.

What is a cochina or a salsicha ? Is it a little side cart with food?
A cochina i dont really know how to explain it but a salsicha is a hot dog fried 

What are you planning on doing today?
We are having the Elders from Matao coming over for the burning of him.

Do you wear your suits much?  
No not really a ton

Do you have warm water? for showers? brrrrrrr
The shower in our house is electric and so we dont need warm water.

Do you ever make cookies?
nope dont know how

Do you see chickens running around the city? or stray doggies? or kitties?
Dogs are the cats of the usa you cant go down a street with out seeing at least 4 dogs

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