Monday, September 22, 2014

day 145 I ei familia E pessoas!!!

So this week was a little better. We did splits with the Elders from Matão so that was fun the first one was with Elder Bandeira we went to Boi's house and chilled there for a while then after that we did made some milk-shakes from frozen milk, the milk here is super terrible but put a little chocolate in it and your good We then did  a split with Elder Chipana. He is a bit more serious then i am so we didnt really do anything fun just walked around and visited members and stuff cuz i dont like other people teaching my peoples.
Dad drove a bus?? I want to hear about this!!!
WOW thats soo sad about Rebecca I hope that she can still do the mission.
Man why do you have to go to Alaska w/out me?!?
Well Peace out
Elder Smith 


Is the weather changing at all?
The weather is getting alot hotter!!!

Best meal you had this week? with who?
Was yesterday with the Bishop, He

How did the exchanges go with your bestie in the zone?
It was the break i needed its above too

Are things better with your companion? same? worse?
more or less better

Best moment this week?
Tuesday we did exchanges with Elder Bandeira

Have you bought anything special?
I have to send yall a package with some cool soda in it. 

Anything special coming up?
General Confrence is whats coming up!!! other then that not much.

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