Monday, November 3, 2014

day 187

Hey Fam, This week was great i have a lot of stories to tell but little time i'll save some stories for next week.
The reason i have Elder Joseph is cuz this week we had zone confrence and Sister Canuto called me up to the pulpit using the name Elder Joseph it was really funny!!! 

This week we did some power training from Pres. Canuto where we bless the house and ask each of the members of the family if Jesus Christ was in front of your face what would you ask him?? And most of them say peace and happines and stuff like that and we did the prayer with the power of the preisthood and stuff and the ladie ended up crying and her husband too they could be a great baptism for this ward if we could get them thrown in the water in the next two weeks!! 

But thats about it from Elder Joseph ;) 


last letter you mentioned that being sick on the mish is the worst...when I've asked about you being sick, you said that you hadn't gotten sick yet...have you been?  I'm is the worst!
not been sick yet

when have you felt the spirit this week?
The story above

how do you get around town?
Busses or my feets

who cuts your hair now?
My neighboor is a barber and he cuts for free too (non Member)

does Christian write you? or Jens?
Nopes their lame

Does anyone know it's your birthday this week? 
I DOOOOOOOO and my comps and the mish sends a letter to the whole mish with the birthdays of the week so i dont know...

Planning on doing anything for it?

Did your package come? do you have to go get it from the mission home or do they forward it to your place?
Yups itll get to me on tuesday 

What are you planning on doing today for pday?
IDK I wanna go kick the ball but my comp wants to get suger cane drinks so IDK

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