Monday, November 24, 2014

day 208

So i dont know if i already told you but my mission is doing a thing called White Christmas where each set of missionaries will baptize one family a man, woman and kids. So President Canuto has challenged us to get at least ONE family for the date of December 20th but now Pres. Canuto moved the date for the 27th so idk if we have to find another fam or what i just emailed him and asked him. But back to the family, It was a contact that Elder Jimenez and Elder Cortez did when they first got here and they just wanted a burger, so they passed about six little food carts on the side of the road, and they went to this one called Pedróka. Then they asked for their food and the food guy made it and then after when they were eating the food guy asked them who they were and what their job was and they talked about the church the normal stuff that we do when we make a first contact with and he said come to my house this coming Monday and we'll make dinner and we'll talk a little more. 

So that Monday they went to his house and they just talked they didnt teach a lesson or anything just friends, then when i got here he invited us over again for dinner and we went and we ate and he came out with a FLIPPEN BOOK OF MORMON me and Elder Jiménez looked at each other with a sign of Baptism in our eyes!! IT was flippen cool!! Then we talked a little about the BOM and then we had to go cuz of the time it was almost 9:30 and we went back home and we talked and said we gotta baptize this dude!! 

So these past couple weeks he's been progressing without us even teaching him. He said that he read the story of Ammon and he said he prayed and asked God if this is true?So this last week we went to his house for a REAL lesson he told us that he already knew that the Church is TRUE and the B.O.M. is TRUE so after the lesson we invited him to be baptized on the20th of December AND HE ACCEPTED and now we just gotta marry this guy with his wife!!! So hopefully that can happen in the next week or two. 

But thats about all from me "The Restorationer" 
Elder Smith

do they have a children's program there? where they sing/do parts the whole time (we're having ours today)?
Nopes the wards here are just a liiiiittle too small to do that!

in the last picture that you sent with your companion and a huge big group of people sitting on benches...what you doing?  is it church? 
Its an activity that we do every Thursday that we do a big cool lesson and stuff and this was a lesson on the Three Kingdoms so we all were in white and in a room and the people had to choose which rooms they wanted to go into. We had good rooms and bad rooms and a point system where they would go to the Kingdoms. It was pretty cool!!

what you going to do today for pday?
Teach People!! We slept in till about 8 and we cleaned the house and stuff and then went and ait Pizza Cones pretty good!!

Will you be eating/celebrating anything/anyone for Thanksgiving?
Nopes the people here dont do that...

Best thing about your companion? 
He's with me and we just mesh together

Do you live with 3 other elders?
Yup one from St. George Elder David, and one from porta alegre Elder Cortez.

Are you friends with any sisters?
Well I am pretty famous in the mission...The only Elder SMITH

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