Monday, November 10, 2014

day 194 the big two OHHH

So as ya'll know i did 20 years this Friday and i'm really feeling it on the mish... getting up and feeling like your back is going to snap cuz its so sore...Going to bed with your whole foot in a blister and telling your younger comps to calm down its not fun!!! I dont want to get old its not going to be fun. 
 So this week we did alot but most of our appointments fell but we did better then we planed to do so that was the good part!! We found out that one of our investigators is REALLY reading the BOM we went to his house and we asked him if he read and he told us about the story of ammon and he is really liking it but he hasn't come to Flippen church yet so thats going to be our next focus with him and the next one is the family that i told you about last week they are going to read and pray and if they feel like they got an answere they are going to be baptised. I dont know the date we're going to set for them but we'll pray and find out that "little" detail!! We had stake confrence too and Pres. Canuto came and spoke and it was just a complete BURN session with a little of aloe vera on the side to cool it down!!! He talked alot about that the missionaries are here for them and that they should be here for us too!! So that was pretty good! 

Thats fun that you went to Park city. I miss all the people in the soccer world that we live in... Dad tell the office peps that i say Hi!!! Mom if you see Rick (the bus driver) tell him I say Hi also.

Thats all Love Elder Smith

why were you called up to the pulpit? Elder Joseph?  And why was that funny?  cause she couldn't remember your name or it was close to joseph smith and you're elder smith?  
Sister canuto called a bunch of missionaries up to read a schripture and give an answere to the question she had for us. And alot of people in the Mish call me Elder Joseph just cuz of smith so thats just a funny joke in the mission cuz im the only Smith here

do people say your name like the latin people do elder es-smith
Yup and the say it Esmitch

I'm so curious what you thought of all the stuff in your box?
I liked all of the things especially the little BOMs those things are sick!!!

What did you do for your birthday? Did anyone sing for you?
Not much in the morning my roommates woke me up and sang for me then i made a cake at night and we ait it for breakfast the next morning with the FROSTING YUMMMMM!!

Any questions for me?
Not that i can think of a the moment

I asked you what you were going to do for pday last week and you mentioned that you wanted to play soccer and your companion wanted to get a cane sugar drink...can't you do both? or would you just have to choose one activity?  what did you end up doing?
We ended up doing both so that was fun we went to the little street stand and baught some suger cane drink and then we went the the church and played a little 

What's different about this city than the last?
Its a whole flippen city!!! My oher was just a little neighborhood in the city

What're you going to do today?
Going to hang out till 5 then go to our Ward Mission leaders house and eat the brazillian version of Navahoo tacos

Are you happy?

Anything you wished for in the box that didn't come?
Nopes im happy 

What were you glad that came?  take any pictures?
The whole box!!!! i took one of my cake!!

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