Monday, November 17, 2014

day 201

So this week wasn't a whole lot of activity but it was good we didnt do all that much but we did alot of classes. 
Since last week we started every day of the week having a class so on tuesday we have a music class and then on wednesday we have an English class then on Thursday we have Integration night, then on Friday we have a spanish class, then on Saturday we have English again and then right after we have drama class which is pretty gay nobody goes and we have to wait till someone shows up which like 5 people show up and they want to do a peice but nobody is consistant in coming so idk if we'll do it... But other then that this week has been pretty chill...

Love Elder Smith

This week the RS is planning an activity for the missionaries in our ward.  Is there anything you'd like specifically from them?  Would you like people to write testimonies in books of mormon? the little kinds?​
Idk whatever i guess...

Can you use Portuguese boms?  the ones I sent?
If you can get little ones in Portuguese that would be flippen awesome 

Do they celebrate thanksgiving there? or have some sort of thanksgiving holiday?

​You look so good in all your pictures and very nice harmonizing with the singing!  Is one of those your companion?  they all speak english?
The ones in the video all speak English cuz we're both Americans and a chileno who learned English 

what is the temperature there right now?
Flippen hot!!!!!!!!

would you EVER need a jacket/coat?
Nopes doubt it!

In one of the pictures you're crouching down on a that water flooding? fire? what?​
It was raining for currumba like MAD but its good cuz were low on water.

You made the cake that I sent you?  Is that your little oven?  Does it work just as good as ours?  You put 20 candles on?  fun times! 
hahaa good joke mom nothing here will work as good as the one we have at home...

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