Monday, February 9, 2015

day 285 Be creative yourselfs

So this week we had a good week full of normal things Elder Picardo is real trunky and its making me trunky too!!! Hes going to do a year this thursday (dont tell him i might throw him a surprise party or somthing) We are having lots of new people that we are teaching and its super cool!! There's Mario and Elidan NOT MARRIED Fidelho and his WIFE, Pedro and Christiane ... NOT MARRIED so we gotta get them married which isnt too hard but they just have to want to do it and sometimes people are scared of commitments and so they dont want to get married cuz they're scared of something happening and them splitting up or something like that!! 
But thats about it for this week. 

Love Elder Smith

​Did you get the tubey thingy? yet?

Yea that was way cool!!! 

Who should we pray for for you?​​ who are you teaching?​
All the people above to get married and to get baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you teaching the turkey and pig guy?  He's got like a zoo back there.  How fun!  And all their cages look sooo nice!  I wouldn't mind living there! haha
Nope he's a Less active and we are sort of trying to reactivate him

​Can you send me a picture of your new companion?  I just barely got your last companion developed!  Can't believe you already have a new one.  
Send one next week.

Do you miss Elder N. Pearce?​
Yes kinda he walked REALLY fast and i didnt like that

​What kinds/kind of food do you miss?  ​
WHAT KIND OF FOOD DO I NOT MISS!!!!! Especialy Taco Bell and Dr. Pepper

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