Monday, February 16, 2015

day 292

Yea we gots the Transferes and so i'm not going anywhere so im gunna stay here with Elder Picardo for a whole transfrere unless i get ETed again but whatever hopefully we'll get some things done. No i dont thingk they do Valentines day. Thats fun all the things but not fun about the Hips thing... the Youth ill try to write a card or somthing this week for all them something... idk well yea thats it

Love Elder Smith

how are your  "not marrieds" doing?
Good they have alot of friends that they jsut give us their info and we go and teach them and one is named Fidelho He's like 6,5 freaking tall

Get anyone new this week?
Fidelho, and Wellen

When are transfers?  Do you want to transfer?
Today but i didnt go and kinda

Fav thing about elder Picardo?
He isnt to stricked and we like to have fun at the same time as working so that makes it alot more fun 

What did you do for service?
NOthing our Branch is lame with the service thing

 This says "Be nice to old people, cause one day you'll be one too"
 Elder Ty and Elder Picardo
He says this is his view outside his apartment.

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