Monday, February 23, 2015

day 299

Yo so i dont really know what to say this week i'm kinda tired from this week. We did alot this week so we have an investigator his name is Fidelio and we have been teaching him for about two weeks and hes been to church three times already and we put a date for himthis saturday the 28th hes about 6,4/5 idk but he's a BIG dude but we put the date forsaturday the 21st but he wanted to talk to his mom about it and so we told him to talk to his mom and we put the 28th so we are going to go over there on tuesday to see what his mom thinks so hopefully that will go through so we can get him dunked. Hopefully we wont have to do it anywhere else but the church cuz hes such a big dude i dont know if the font will be big enough for him. We also have a ladie we're teaching her name is Wellen its the masculine for of William... Thats what she told us...But she is sooooo cool. We gave her the pamphlet of the Restauration and she read the WHOLE thing and she had some kinda absurde questions that i didn't know how to respond to, like why did Jesus just send Peter, James and John, instead of him just come down himself to give it to Joseph Smith?? Like how did you come up with this question..? and also she had a dream with Joseph Smith and she didnt know what that ment so i just wanted to say like DUHHH it means that the church is TRUE!!!!! and you need to baptise saturday we might put a date for her on saturday the 28th so lets see what goes down with her. Sunday we had to go to São Manuel to do a baptism interview for two peeps that are gettin baptised on Saturday for the Sisters there so thats good for them.
But thats about it for this week!!! 
Love all you guys!!!!! 
(P.S.) Pray for Fidelio and Wellen to baptise and accept us

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