Monday, March 2, 2015

306 days out. 10 months

WOOOHHOOOO I hit the 10 month mark only like 14 more months till im enjoying the goodness of the good ol U.S.of A. and doing american things which is SOO much better then Brazilian things but whatever.. vent over. This week was a good one we gave a bath to 13 dogs for a service project and then we ate some Jaca its a fruit only found here in Brazil its kinda gross!! PICS well this week we did lots of stuff that i cant remember what we did but today we are going to a waterfall!!!! Im soo excited!!!

Love Elder Smith


How did your date goals go?  Did anyone get baptized yesterday?  Are they all still progressing? Fidelo and Wellen?
Well Fidelio had to ask his mom to see what she thinks and Wellen we are marking a date with her tomorrow and i think she'll baptise!!!

what did you do for pday? or what are you going to do?
Im going to a waterfall today!!!

Is it getting cooler yet?
Just at night time

Best food so far?
We went to a pizza place with Anaue and it was super expensive but it was super good. A steak Pizza

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