Monday, March 9, 2015

day 313

So this week we had some struggles but we just gotta keep on keepen on!! So Fidelio moved so hes gone. Bro Eggerd is a cool dude i got to know him in the MTC in the Choir think thats the choir dudes name idk...So this week we had interviews With Pres.and the we found a new family that looks like they could be promising but we'll see,the rest of the days just passed by so sorry this week is so short ill make a better week next week!!

What was good this week?
Interviews with President Canuto

How are your progressing peeps?
Well we droped Fidelio and now are just focusing on Wellen but we found a new family so hopefully they'll be good

I'm about to send a package...any requests?...I'm sending some different provo shirts...that Jens and I found at the DI.  It was fun sort of being on a scavenger hunt...looking for these particular shirts.   
New SOCKS im dying of old socks and at the year mark like 6 new Shirts

Does Brazil have DIs? or thrift stores? salavation armies like by Grandma B? second hand stores?
nope not really just people who have lots of clothes and sell them for 1 Real

How was the waterfall last week?
It was AMAZING!!!! 

Wow, about washing the doggies...did they all belong to one person? or several?  how did you organize that? advertise?
It is a less active who lives in a machion and he has all the animals

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