Monday, March 16, 2015

day 320

Hey ya'll hows it going?? So this week pasted by REALLY fast we started working in a little neighborhood thats about 1 hour and a half walk to get there so we have to get a bus that takes 30 min to get there!! We found a new family that we set a date for the so we are praying for them to continue and go to church but we might have to push the date back a little further cuz they didnt go to church yesterday and they have to go to church at least two sundays in a row unless we get authorization from Pres. Canuto to just baptize them so we'll see what goes down with them and the BEST thing about them is that its a family of 4 and the mom and dad are FLIPPEN MARRIED that is one of the biggest difficulties here in Brazil for the people to be married legally its kinda a miracle that they are married!!! We also got some new young girls but i dont think that they will progress but lets see... 

Love Elder Smith

Are you getting along with the language?  What's difficult?  Can you write it as well? Understanding it easier?
I think im pretty fluent at this point. The hardest thing is that i cant speak English and then switch right into Portuguese. Eu sai como escrever mas eu ainda estou um pouco lent  escrevendo

Last week you asked for new shirts.  Is that something you could get there? Are they super expensive?  I'm sending you socks but shirts are pretty bulky...Are they more expensive than here? with shipping?
I dont know i never really looked here but ill look here and tell you how much they are.

Where are you in that big "BOTUCATU" metal sign?  At a park?
That is at the freeway that we have to walk to get to MaraJoara the neighborhood that we are working in.

Played any soccer lately? or even just hacky sacking it?
Nope not really just doing alot of walking

How is your new family progressing?
up there

Can/could you go fishing?
Yea we might go this week with a dude we did a contact with.

(stole this questions from Andrea's blog to Ryus) Do you use any scouting skills out there? Knife skills, bow hunting skills...:)
no not really.

(stoled again)  Do you remember laughing this week?  how come?
The first day i went to MaraJoara i went with E Murry and hes just a funny guy.

Do you ever have to give talks in sacrament meeting?  Or sing?
Two weeks ago i had to give a talk out of the Blue with 5 min to prepare it so that was fun. I just gave one on the Restoration cuz we had two investigators there and i thought "Hey why not get some lessons with member today"...

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