Monday, March 23, 2015

day 327

Hey so this week we did ALOT of walking and everyday when we get home my legs are just like jelly!!  We walk prolly 12 miles per day!! Well we have a few baptismal dates set for a few peeps. We have Patricia who is 17 has a 2 year old son and is married!!! CRAZY!!! and we marked her for the weekend of confrence and hopefully she does cuz that would be super cool to have a baptism on the same day of confrence i think that would be cool!!! well other then that we have a baptism of a 9 year old son of a member thatll be our baptism and he'll be baptised next week and so that'll be fun. But thats about it for this week!!

Love Elder Smith

How is that family doing?  Did you have to move the date back again?  Did they come to church yesterday?
Yea that fam is prolly gunna be cut here in a little cuz they dont want anything to do with us

Are you so excited for General Conference? It's in two weeks!
Yea im super excited for that cuz i get to watch it in ENGLISH!!!

What's the happiest thing that happened this week?
We marked the date of Patricia

What did you eat this week?

When are transfers?  Do you think you'll stay?
Next week so i hope i stay idk

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